Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jerry Seinfeld's The Marriage Ref is Misunderstood by its Detractors.

I recently read a couple of really hostile reviews of Jerry Seinfeld's new television show, the Marriage Ref. I consider the original Seinfeld sit com to be the greatest sit com ever made. It seems to me when Mr. Seinfeld decides to come back to weekly television, some respect is in order, no?

Apparently not. This New York Daily News Review could not be more disrespectful. I can't respect anybody's opinion when their goal is too simply believe they are on equal footing with someone of Jerry Seinfeld's resume.

I consider it stealing when a non-entity critic from the New York Daily News takes such a cheap shot at a master comedian like Jerry Seinfeld. If you like Jerry Seinfeld, you should be a bit upset because it is these type of stupid critiques that make good comedy go away.

Did you know the original Seinfeld series was almost canceled after one season! If Seinfeld had been canceled after one season, it would have been because of dolts like the one who wrote the article for the New York Daily News slamming the Marriage Ref.

It is probable that it was the Entertainment Weekly Magazine hit job article that influenced Jerry Seinfeld to end the original Seinfeld TV series.

I do believe that the Marriage Ref has some flaws in it, maybe even major flaws, but there still is some major brilliance going on. Since others have focused on negativity, I will focus on the brilliance. I believe in acknowledging brilliance and adding to it more so than simply slamming someone to try and gain stature.
Anybody who has ever wondered if they have what it takes to be a writer, check out the Jerry Seinfeld's the Marriage Ref. Week after week, Jerry Seinfeld and his guest stars decide who is right and who is wrong when it comes to marital blitz.
But more importantly, the real life scenarios that skirmishing couples box over would do the most accomplished comedy writer proud were they able to make up the same discord in their own mind, and there in lies the beauty of the Marriage Ref. I doubt that I could lock myself in a room long enough to come up with marital jousting scenarios that would be on par with what the Marriage ref cranks out vicariously through the couples that appear on the show.
Jerry Seinfeld has reached inside the guts of comedy writing and pulled out the entrails for all to see, and it is a pretty sight. The Marriage Ref is literally the guts of how a comedy like Seinfeld may have been created, a series of possibly observed real life marital and relationship quagmires and pitfalls presented in a funny light.

Watching the Marriage Ref I came up with an idea for all of these great short comedy bits that Mr. Seinfeld is generously sharing with us every week. Imagine if every week Elaine, or George, Jerry, or Kramer suddenly walked into the middle of one of these disputing couple scenes and became part of the scene.
Could you imagine George Costanza walking into the home of the stripper pole debate and becoming part of the scene? I think the Marriage Ref is a work in progress and I hope everyone involved is open to evolving the show beyond the fine beginning that it already is.
The original Seinfeld started with Jerry doing stand up at the beginning and end of the show.
Could the Marriage ref be headed for a similar path, starting with Jerry and his celebrity friends on stage discussing marital discontent, but then transitioning into an original Seinfeld cast member immersed in a scene within a scene?

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