Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Colin Kaepernick almost gets it right by refusing to stand during the National Anthem, this is what he should do next.

(Oct. 19, 2017 update). Please check out new article about the NFL Kneeling Controversy.

Colin Kaepernick almost got it right when he protested by sitting during the National Anthem. Protesting by sitting should be the new thing, but it should coincide with an incident that recently happened that is worth protesting over. 

Publicly protesting over events that have occurred over the past year, or years, or decades, won't actually focus attention on an exact situation that exemplifies what the protest is about, it's too generic.

So if another one of those "what the heck were you thinking" moments occurs in which several officers have a suspect pinned down and shoot the suspect anyways (or something of that nature), occurs during the football season, then I would welcome multiple football players and even the fans to not stand for the national anthem the following Sunday.

But if Mr. Kaepernick continues to simply sit week after week when there is no new controversial case sparking national attention, then his protest will simply become the same, old same old. Mr. Kaepernick will literally wear out his own protest before it has a chance to take root and flourish.

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