Thursday, April 5, 2018

Swap all Black Colored Guns and Black Cell Phones with White ones and Minority Killings at the hands of Police Officers would probably Decrease.

Sometimes crazy ideas can net positive results. One aspect of Police officer shootings involving darker skin races is the fact that most guns are similar in color to the skin color of the victim.

If I have a darker skin tone and the appearance of carrying something in my hand, an adrenalized, jumpy police officer is likely to assume I have a weapon in my hands.

So lets just say it, Darker skin color creates more fear in a police officer both during the day and most definitely at night because because most hand held devices, be they guns or cell phones, tend to be black and therefore are more difficult to ascertain what such a person "might" have in their hands, even if they have nothing in their hands.

If we outlawed all black guns and only allowed the legal use of white guns, Police Officers would have a much better contrast, both day and certainly at night, when interacting with a suspect with darker skin tones.

Rather than talk about Gun Control or accusations of the government wanting to take every one's guns, the U.S. Government should offer a FREE gun swap, you give up your black gun, and you get an exact replica, in white, perhaps  even a glow in the dark gun.

A free, "black gun exchanged for a white gun" program would keep gun Manufacturers busy for quite a while. A gun exchange program is far superior to increasing the total number of guns in the world by many millions more every year because guns never really go obsolete. Even a gun that has rusted or is out of alignment can be repaired. Guns are like cockroaches except they never truly die unless they are actually crushed, which is much harder to do with a gun versus crushing a cockroach.

If I were protesting officer involved shootings of innocent, darker skinned people, I would be demanding "White Guns Only" because if our society only allowed white guns to be legal, Police Officers would have an extra moment to decide if a suspect actually has a gun or not.

I would also mandate that all hand held social media devices not be black.

Because the exchange of a black gun for a white gun would have no cost attached, a gun owner's alleged constitutional right to own a gun is not being jeopardized.

Transitioning to a white gun only society could take several years, but once completed laws would be in the books that if one is caught with a black gun of any kind, they immediately are fined 5,000 dollars, and the gun is confiscated and a white gun is then given to the lawbreaker. Thus proving that the government is not after a person's guns, just after the black guns that make it harder for police officers to discern who is carrying a gun and who is not, especially at night.

For those who think this idea is wacky, just why are most guns black to begin with? Perhaps nobody gave it much thought, possibly a black gun is easier to conceal than a white gun, or maybe making a white gun is more expensive.
I would bet that if all guns were white, or glow in the dark, accidental gun deaths of innocents by police would be dramatically reduced.

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