Thursday, January 31, 2019

Can Democracy exist without Imperialist Capitalism?

Russia Times is floating the meme that the U.S. dollar should no longer be supported because they are placing sanctions on more and more countries. The video below makes a compelling and manipulative case against the U.S. Dollar as the currency of choice. 

The youtube video below has AlexLOGIC wondering, can a U.S. Democracy thrive as a true Democracy if the U.S. Banking Community considers Countries who don't allow U.S. banks within their country potential terrorist countries and the U.S. Government seems to act accordingly?

There may be a correlation between countries that don't directly bank with the U.S. and Sanctions being imposed against those countries. Are countries the U.S. imposes Sanctions on a direct threat to our country, or a direct threat to our banking system, which in turn is seen as a direct threat to our country?

Is it possible that Petroleum is the root cause of alleged U.S. Imperialism? Whether we like it or not, inflation is avoided and prosperity created because of petroleum. Unfortunately, U.S. Capitalism is not able to either convince or coerce our Government to see the absolute imperative necessity to create renewable energy systems as swiftly as possible. 

In the 1700's and 1800's, how plausible would it have been to survey America with out Horses? Surveying America and mapping it out was essential to the future of the Industrial Age which included Train Travel, and reliance on combustible energy such as coal, timber and eventually Petroleum.

Petroleum advocates who claim that Solar and Wind is either not cost effective and or relies too heavily on Petroleum to develop on its own steam seem to have forgotten that it was the Horse that made Travel possible in the 1700's and 1800's, and Horse Drawn Carriages carried the necessary metals needed to begin the Industrial Revolution. True Horse Power and Slave Labor of many ethnicities created train track railways that eventually led to train travel, another unfortunate necessity in the development of Petroleum viability. Whether trains used Petroleum or not, they carried essential materials needed for Petroleum Harvesting to occur.

Now when it is time for Petroleum to be used as effectively as possible to create renewable forms of energy, Petroleum doesn't want to share the stage with renewables.

A true Democratic / Capitalistic Country would realize that their interests end at their borders, and any enforcement of societies outside of their borders are done for the good of all Countries, not just their own economic interests. Renewable Energy helps create a country that can do good because they have less needs outside of their own borders. 

Real Capitalism and Real Democracy can prosper when a country can get by with what is obtainable within its own borders first and foremost.

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