Tuesday, March 12, 2019

An Idea for Reparations for African Americans that could get Overwhelming Support.

In the past I have been wary of Reparations for a myriad of reasons. Rather than get into what the reasons were, I think there is a way to create Reparations for African Americans that would get overwhelming support from most Americans.

In the past and present I have proposed FREE Ideas for big Established Brands such as the NFL, MLB and Facebook. My free ideas that I offered would keep athletes safer for the NFL, give more Statistical parity to Speed and Contact hitters in Major League Baseball, and keep kids safer on Facebook.

So far no one has accepted my offer of a free idea from any of these three Major Companies. So in the interest of moving forward, if I can get anyone willing to exchange a LinkedIn Skill Endorsement for my Reparations idea on my LinkedIn Account, I will share the Reparations idea as a LinkedIn Article.

How may Skill Endorsements should I receive assuming my Reparations idea is deemed a good and viable idea? Maybe it shouldn't matter, but if I am going to give away incredibly valuable ideas that will blow people's minds, shouldn't I get a dozen or two LinkedIn Skill Endorsements in return? Selflessness is another word for the phrase "Brand, what Brand". If one's strengths are never recognized, that selflessness simply means one will never be able to truly to give to the world at large because they will remain unknown.

So I will post a link from this article to my LinkedIn Account Posts Feed. Anyone who is willing to give a Skill Endorsement in exchange for my sharing my Reparations Idea on Linked just like this post on LinkedIn. If you then like my actual Reparations idea, just give me a Skills Endorsement on LinkedIn because I earned it.

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