Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ajay Mehta from Fiber One Fame, when does he get a recurring role on a TV Show?

Can it only be a matter of time before Ajay Mehta of Fiber One commercial fame gets a recurring role on a Television Sit com, or a drama?

I wonder if Mr. Mehta could handle a lead. If not, Mr. Mehta could at the very least be one of the main cast members. I think it is neat when an actor doing commercials becomes memorable enough to possibly get a part in a television show, I'm expecting no less for Mr. Mehta.

What excuse could there be for not offering Mr. Mehta a role? Fear that he does not fit the exact formula for a lead? That would be just a bunch of nonsense. Unfortunately, I believe we live in an age where television is being driven by greedy bank cartels that possibly have no desire to promote programming that does not attract those who are the easiest to get into debt, and at the youngest age.

You see, Mr. Mehta would probably appeal to the over 30-35 crowd, and its harder to get the older crowd in debt. Even if the banksters could figure out a way to get older people in debt, they can't suck their income for as long a period of time as somebody still in their teens or early to mid 20's.

Sad to say, that is the world we live in at the moment, and it won't "change" until all demographics have some representation on television.

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