Friday, August 24, 2012

This could make for a really fun movie, maybe even a TV series, The Frequent Fliers who flew too much.

This Los Angeles Times article about "frequent flyers who flew too much" is fascinating to say the least. It's three web pages long and is broken up by ads just in case you think it suddenly ends. It tells the story of different frequent flyers who bought lifetime airline passes and then used their passes so much they were costing the airlines MILLIONS!

I think frequent flyers who flew too much could make a feature film or even a TV series. The thrill of the perpetual free trip, the growing consternation by the airlines, the ongoing joy and fun the fly for life flyers were experiencing, all the people they meet, the potential flirting, the stewards and stewards so familiar with their preferences they don't even have to be asked what they want to eat or drink, all while the airline executives grow more and more angry, could make for an interesting movie or tv series. A little bit of "Cheers" in the Sky.

Out of desperation, the airlines eventually plot to see if the frequent flyers are somehow abusing their lifetime airline pass privilege. This is classic story telling. Person in search of happiness, person finds happiness, person is threatened with loss of happiness.

There could even be a "Lost" aspect to the show where the main characters have flashbacks to their lives before they bought their lifetime airline passes. One flashback could involve the frequent flyer bought his pass with some of the money he got from an accident settlement. What a way to turn a miserable accident into a happy lifetime adventure.

I could see a comical episode where the entire first class is comprised of frequent flyer lifetime pass holders and that could even be the turning point when the airlines try to put a stop to their own accidental over generosity. The moment when all the first class flyers realize they are all lifetime pass owners, and their own realization that this can't be a good thing for airline...

The frequent flyers overuse of their airline passes is like having an itch and scratching it, but every time they scratch, someone else bleeds while they feel relief. 

I think Ray Romano, Dennis Leary, and Scott Bakula would be perfect as the frequent flyer scratchers. Patricia Heaton could pull off the female frequent flyer scratcher as well.

Lets do it!

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