Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Defusing the North Korea situation by granting North Korea MNNA, Major Non Nato Ally Status.

Wikipedia identifies MNNA. One way to resolve the North Korean situation is to give North Korea MNNA status in exchange for the dismantling of North Korea's Nuclear Weapons program.

Why reward a country like North Korea for basically putting their nuclear weapons program above all else? Perhaps because rewarding North Korea for their Nuclear Weapon's program may be the best way to remove North Korea's nuclear weapons.

North Korea has spent decades teaching their people that the rest of the world is basically like their country, and that the United States is the devil that wants to harm North Korea. So if the United States harms North Korea, or their leader Kim Jong Un, then that could make North Korea's depiction of the United States a self fulfilling prophecy.

Removing Kim Jong Un from power, while possibly allowing many North Korean's to breathe a sigh of relief, could allow for the rise of splinter, rogue groups of Kim Jong Un supporters who may continue to detest America and attempt to do America harm.

AlexLOGIC, in this one instance, believes it is best to reward North Korea's behavior if it leads to the dismantling of their Nuclear Weapon's program.

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