Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Does Age Really Matter when it comes to the Value of a Person's remaining time on Earth?

In the past 20 hours Alex LOGIC has found two TV shows, made 50 years apart, that cast doubt that having a limited time left to live means one's life has less value. The first was "The Fugitive" starring David Jansen and guest star Telly Savalals. Telly's wife discovers that Telly only has 10 months to live, and she points out how lucky he is to know he has 10 months to live, that many others never get any kind of a warning.

Then just 20 hours later on the 2018 Season Premiere of the TV show "Bull", the same argument is made about a women who will be given an extra 36 months to live if she gets a liver transplant. To that woman those extra 36 months will seem like a lifetime because she knows that is all she will have.

So you lawyers out there, fight the good fight when it comes to taking medical malpractice cases for the aged and disabled. In 2017, apparently zero dollars were awarded in malpractice cases on behalf of people aged 90 or older. Unless you have hung out with the elderly, please don't discount the value some elderly place on their remaining years as being nothing more than a mathematical computation.

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