Monday, December 3, 2018

How Racism Accusations are being used by Politicians to keep us Divided.

Racism accusations are being used by Politicians to keep us Divided. I came to that conclusion after listening to an aggrieved man talk about his wife remaining untreated in her Hospital Bed after a Caesarean Section Birth that had severe post birth complications. This very athletic and strong woman died in her Hospital bed 8 to 10 hours after delivering a baby. Despite repeated pleas from the rightfully panic stricken husband, and despite orders to have a CT scan performed, no CT scan was performed and apparently the Courageous Mother bled out with no additional action taken by the Hospital Staff over an 8 to 10 hour period of time. Can you imagine the muted despair experienced by the mother? When the realization set in that no one cared that she was dying, that she would never get to watch her own child grow up, that her child's birth meant her death, and all because a Hospital could not snap out of their own bureaucratic bullshit?

Because the couple was African American, the surviving husband is assuming racism. I believe that claims of racism are creating a perpetual divide among all races that serves our leaders well, but their constituents poorly. Whether or not racism was involved is not the only issue. U.S. Residents are all entitled to the same level of basic hospital care irrespective of race. Isn't it better for everyone to fight against poor Hospital Treatment and incompetent practices rather than obfuscate poor Hospital Treatment with accusations of racism?

My own Mother, with me by her side in the ER, had her Civil Rights, Human Rights, and EMTALA Rights repeatedly violated when the ER Nurse decided to play God and refused to retriage my mother's sudden onset of wheezing, which started while my mother was resting in her ER bed. It's possible that the Nurse thought my mother, of Italian heritage, was a minority and therefore was denied life saving triaging. It's also possible I looked like I was from the Middle East rather than "Caucasian". Here's the thing, I really don't care. 

What I care about is that my Mother was on her ER bed when she started to wheeze and the ER Nurse's actions led to NINE violations of the law that set in motion my Mother's death spiral, and Law enforcement won't investigate. Even after these violations set in motion a 2 and 1/2 day nightmare that led to my mother's death in my arms at home when she should have either been in the hospital, or a more accurate diagnosis provided so I would know what the best course of action would be going forward, Law Enforcement would not investigate.

It has dawned on me that Progressive and Liberal Politicians want cries of racism hailed as often as possible as it both gives them a cause to fight for, and keeps their supporters in check by using fear tactics. Political and Legal accusations of racism prevent real progress form occurring. 

Racism can disappear if everyone's Civil Rights, Human Rights, and EMTALA Rights are respected and honored. When a minority yells racism over mistreatment, they basically are saying that only minorities are treated badly. Minority Chants of Racism cordons off whomever the majority is from being fully supportive because guess what, the majority can be treated just as badly by the same entities that treat minorities badly.

If my Mother and I are considered Caucasians and her Civil Rights, Human Rights, and EMTALA rights are violated, do I remain quiet because I am not a minority? If my Mother and I were considered "Middle Easterner's", what is the benefit of crying Racism when the bigger issue is that our Human Rights, Civil Rights and EMTALA rights were violated?

Civil Rights, Human Rights and EMTALA Rights will always trump the Race Card. I told what happened to my mother in the ER to dozens of people associated with law enforcement, the legal field, and free legal aid and also groups that are supposed to help fight for victims. Not once was it ever suggested that that my Mother's or my own Civil Rights, Human Rights and EMTALA Rights had been violated. About six months after my Mother's ER related Death had occurred did I realize that several of our rights had been violated.

Why the six month delay? Because I am probably not a minority. I have been brainwashed into believing that only minorities have their Human and Civil Rights violated.

Six months after my Mother's unnecessary death I was watching the original Star Trek series when Spock warned an Enterprise "guest" that he was close to being charged with "Incitement to Disaffection". As soon as I heard that phrase and looked it up online, I discovered the more well known phrase "incitement to Imminent lawlessness", at which point I realized that that is EXACTLY what the ER Nurse did to my Mother and I. The ER Nurse was able to incite others to commit EMTALA violations by calling a false Code Gray based on a false HIPAA Violation accusation (I pulled out my video camera to document that the ER was not going to ReTriage my mother for her sudden onset  of Wheezing, which she normally did not have) that started while she lay on her ER bed).

Because I have been led to believe by the Media and Liberal Politics that Civil Rights Violations only happen to minorities, I never considered that my Mother and I had had our Civil Rights, Human Rights, and EMTALA rights violated until six months had passed from the incident that directly led to the end of my Mother's life.

Racism accusations creates victimhood for minorities. People of all races who fight for Civil Rights for all, Human Rights for all, and EMTALA rights for all are what matter most. Cries of Racism just divide us from coalescing as Human Beings who all have the same rights. The next time someone accuses someone of racism, the accuser is basically saying others are different from themselves solely based on the color of one's skin, and that they are the one's being repressed.

Shouldn't we just be fighting for everyone at all times?

Lawyers have screwed things up royally, here's how. Were I to sue that my Mother's and my own Civil Rights, Human Rights, and EMTALA rights were violated in the ER, and there were minorities in the jury, isn't likely that there would be scorn and derision among some of the jury members? "Oh, so you have been a victim, you white, entitled spoiled brat." And if a minority sues and there are caucasian jurors who know someone who who is caucasian who has had their Human, Civil or EMTALA rights violated, how are they going to feel if the race issue keeps being brought up, that only minorities are being mistreated? 

Lawyers have screwed society by placing racism above existing laws that are designed to protect all people. Rather than fight violations of the law that affect all races, it appears that many lawyers have themselves played the race card and prefer to argue racism over fighting for the enforcement of laws that are supposed to protect all Residents.

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