Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Police Perform Completely Unnecessary Execution by Firing Squad in San Francisco, they could learn a lesson from Charlie's Angels.

What's really wrong with this video of a man being executed by a large group of police officers? 

The police officers appear to have no fear that something bad could be happening behind them. All the officers are staring down one man who is against a wall because he may have previously attacked somebody with a knife, but the police people's backs are exposed and unprotected against any possible action that could occur behind them.

In essence, the more than half a dozen police officers have no fear about anything behind them, just what is in front of them, which means this should have more easily been de-escalated than death by firing squad.

Maybe the police can take a clue from Charlie's Angels.  

Even though there is a fiery explosion in the background, the Three Angels, unlike the over half a dozen donut fueled police officers, are facing in opposite directions to ensure there are no additional threats besides the OBVIOUS one in the background. That's how real security enforcement works, there is no lets all gather around a guy who is standing against a building and all fire on him at the same time.

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