Sunday, August 28, 2011

How I would Save Men of a Certain Age from Permanent Cancellation.

Saving Men of a Certain Age from permanent cancellation is possible.
If TNT did the following, they could probably Save Men of a Certain Age.
1. Immediately license rebroadcast rights to TVLAND. TVLAND tends to overplay their existing programming and because they already broadcast EveryBody Loves Raymond every night of the week for multiple hours, Men of a Certain Age would fit nicely both before and after Everybody Loves Raymond.
The 22 Men of a Certain Age episodes already produced would slot perfectly Monday through Friday on TVLAND, resulting in each show being broadcast one day every month, (a double run on the evening that it is broadcast). Amazingly, TVLAND manages to show almost all of the 210 EveryBody Loves Raymond episodes once a month so the two shows would match up nicely.
I would also consider running 2 three hours blocks, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday, again basically equally one weekend run of the 22 shows once every month.
2. I would cut the promotions budget for Men of a Certain Age IN HALF as a good will gesture towards TNT for approving a third season. I would then focus more heavily on social media advertising, including the Everybody Loves Raymond facebook page and Men of a Certain Age page as well.
I would partner Men of a Certain Age website with other websites that match up well, (such as Everybody Loves Raymond and a few others) and advertise on their sites.
3. I would have Ray Romano do his own brand of stand up comedy advertising on facebook, explaining why his show can't be promo'd in a 30 second television spot so he's now been banished to facebook advertising.
4. I would challenge facebook fans of Save Men of a Certain Age, Men of a Certain Age, and Everybody Loves Raymond to PRE-ORDER DVD's of Men of a Certain Age, NOW (pronounced like Meow). I would state the amount of orders needed and show a daily tally of orders towards that goal.
5. I would ADD as a DVD extra, inclusion of how the facebook movement helped Save Men of a Certain Age. This would probably hook existing fans for additional seasons as well.
6. I would continue to give Royce and Romano creative license.
7. When Season Three was in production, I would see if TVLAND would be interested in premiering the season three shows. If so, I would ask that they run some spots promoting that season three will premiere on their channel.
I would also consider re-selling the TNT programming time slots reserved for Men of a Certain Age knowing that TVLAND will both promote and play the crap out of the show thereby ensuring a large enough following whether or not TNT runs the show on their own channel.
(Article update: August 29, 2011 00:14 AM) TVLAND senior executive responsible for 3 new TVLAND shows left TVLAND for CMT on August 22, 2011. One wonders if the new executive at TVLAND might want to explore putting MOACA on TVLAND.)
(Article update, September 1, 12:56 PM, Please like the Facebook page Fight to Save Men of a Certain Age from Cancellation.)

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Three Alternate Marketing Strategies to Save Men of a Certain Age

I found this article that was on the exact same wavelength that Alex LOGIC is on. Put guns in every scene, change the name of the show from Men of a Certain Age to Men on a Rampage, or Men of a Certain Shotgun caliber, or Men of a Certain Rage.

Three Alternate Marketing Strategies to Save Men of a Certain Age

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