Monday, June 27, 2022

When People get upset over historical events, it is IMPERATIVE they do this one thing.

When reviewing Historical events, it is imperative to balance our emotional reaction of the past with the appropriate amount of humility.

If events had occurred differently before we ourselves were conceived, it is quite possible a different human spirit would exist in place of our own, we would therefore no longer have ever existed.

I find that 99% or more of all people who are enraged about historical events that occurred before they themselves were conceived refuse to humble themselves by realizing that they themselves would have never existed if the past had been different before they were conceived.

I can be upset that Adolph Hitler existed and rose to power by inflaming pre-adults into believing they were a superior race, but if Hitler had never existed, neither would anyone who was born after Hitler became relevant and powerful in Germany.

If you could chose whether or not Adolph Hitler ever existed, but  you would suddenly have never existed as a direct result of this choice, would you still chose for Hitler to have never have existed?

We can never own the past without having lived in it, this is a reality that many refuse to acknowledge and to be humbled by.


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