Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fighting the High Velocity California Wind Fires with Water Misting.

Apparently Dec. 07, 2017 early Thursday morning the Fire Index is going to have the highest number ever recorded. The Fire Index uses a combination of Wind and other factors to calculate the danger level for fires to thrive. A High Fire Index apparently means the danger for the Southern  California Wild Fires to continue and expand is off the charts.

So taking a step back, we have a situation never encountered before, therefore AlexLOGIC would like to suggest a suggestion probably never tried before, fighting the High Fire Index with misted water for the following reasons. 

High winds are probably the most lethal aspect to fighting a fire, think of it as a fire overdosing on oxygen. Since this overnight there will be a combination of high winds and relatively low temperatures of anywhere from the mid 40's to the mid 50's, what if the firefighters could create a water misting firefighting effect that literally weighs down the winds, cools the temperature and increases the moisture content of the cooler, moisture infiltrated winds so the winds slow down their race towards the wildfires?

Is it possible that a very fine water mist could prove the most lethal method of containing and possibly controlling the wildfires?

Is it possible that being able to spray fine misting water high into the sky could be the best way to fight these wind driven fires?

What if the water dropping helicopters simply dropped a perpetual mist and let the wind take it?

AlexLOGIC says its worth the try. Remember, the present combination of extremely high winds and the rash of wildy expanding wildfires has never been this extreme before, so trying something never tried before logically configured might be worth a try, yes?

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