Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mayor throws dog poop on neighbors lawn but media ignores mystery woman who appears to gesture for him to do so.

Every time I saw this video during a news broadcast, I kept noticing a mystery woman who seems to be gesturing and directing the mayor just prior to his throwing of the dog poop.

The media NEVER once mentioned anything about the mystery woman. Not only does she gesture to the mayor just before he throws the dog poop, she seems comfortable walking two steps ahead of the mayor, as if he were her pet.

So what's going on? Is the mayor protecting this woman? If yes, why isn't that part of the story? If the mayor was simply doing what this woman told him to do, maybe he's not such a bad guy if not doing it might have prevented a troubling encounter with this woman afterwards for not obeying him.

Doesn't anyone care why the woman appeared to gesture the mayor to throw the poop and then just keeping two steps ahead as is she were walking the mayor like a pet?

Did the media ever discuss who this mystery woman is and what her role is in the mayor's life? Isn't that part of the story?

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