Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Color Purple Ace Hardware commercial, the ultimate Blue Collar Color Purple Commercial you may ever see.

What makes the Ace Hardware Color Purple commercial rise above the average commercial? 

AlexLOGIC believes that all of those shades of purple probably raised the color IQ of the majority of men out there in 30 seconds or less, and that's probably a good thing.

AlexLOGIC also likes the way the woman rolls her purple, "purrrrpllleee".  

Apparently there are 7 versions of this commercial. I would have liked a couple of medium shots of the group of purples, the left half, then the right half, maybe bumping into each other as the two people  have a discussion about which purple is Mr. Purfect Purple.

In retrospect, this commercial, as brilliantly purplelicious as it is, probably was limited by time because of the free paint offer at the very end. 

If True Value had hired me as a consultant I would have suggested they play up the purple characters just a bit more, (Possibly add a step for the second tier purple guys) add some fun high pitched music undertones in the background, and make a few variations.

How about quickly naming the various purple colors while we see that actual color and then having them walk off, maybe the woman even changes her mind. I am assuming there are other variations of this commercial in which the free paint offer was removed and the purple commercial was allowed to "breathe" more.

Either way, this commercial gets an A for originality, funness and repeat watchability, but possibly only a C for not straying far enough away from the original version when they created the alternate versions. Definitely needs a music/sound effects underscore.

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