Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 DACA Solution to help end the U.S. Budget Stalemate.

AlexLOGIC would like to offer a compromise solution regarding the 2018 DACA Impasse that could cause a government shutdown in the next day or two.

Compromise means both Republicans and Democrats give something up and neither side is completely happy with the solution. It's important to remember that the number of people who cut in line to become an American have possibly reduced or delayed the opportunities for others to come to America, legally. So based on that truth, here are AlexLOGIC's suggestions. 

  1. In exchange for allowing DACA designees to remain in the U.S., DACA designees would not be allowed to vote in a Congressional or Presidential Election until they reach a certain age or a certain span of time has elapsed. The age or span of elapsed time would be open to discussion between Democrats and Republicans.
  2. DACA designees would have to earn a certain amount of income or show a certain time span of employment, again to be determined by Democrats and Republicans, before being eligible for government programs and benefits outside of the education realm. The employment time span does not have to mean always working, but clearly show that each year in the U.S. they were employed for several months, were married, or a certified student.
  3. DACA designees would have to have a Sponsor family from the country they fled from who would take them in should they violate certain American Laws such as being involved in identity theft, drug dealing or felony drug usage, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, or being prone to violence.
  4. DACA designees would always have the right to an attorney or be provided an attorney before any attempt at a deportation could be implemented.
  5. In exchange for allowing DACA designees to remain in the U.S., Special Drivers licenses would be issued that have the word DACA on them. While some may see this as discriminatory, the likelihood is that DACA designees would be treated sympathetically by many in the U.S. when they show their driver's licenses since it means they have had to follow a straight and narrow path to remain in the U.S. A DACA driver's license could actually become a license of honor and mean the person is a solid employment choice.
The above conditions are not forms of discriminations, rather they are reminders of how fortunate DACA's are for being allowed to stay in the U.S. when the original familial entry that led to their coming to America was illegal.

What do the Democrats gain in the above solution, no inclusion of the border wall in the DACA discussions, DACA's get to stay in the U.S.

What do the Republicans gain the above solution, they can state they supported DACA, there will be a cooling off period of time before DACA recipient's can vote in an election thus ensuring a more balanced DACA vote between Republican and Democrat candidates, and less budgetary resources going to DACA recipients until they have financially contributed to the U.S. economy. 

The DACA solution as described above can summed up as a compromise solution in which both Republicans and Democrats get a lot of what they wanted and the wall is neither thwarted nor connected to the DACA solution.

What about the parents of DACA? All AlexLOGIC can say is one step at at a time. Lets solve the issue of the DACA's themselves, first.

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