Friday, July 22, 2011

My Letter to TNT over the cancellation of Men of a Certain Age.

(quick update - Wednesday, Aug 10, 2011, 1:25am) Episode 209 from Men of Certain Age never appeared on my local cable tv provider's on demand feed. Even though I left a message with TNT, they were apparently too busy to upload the episode. I did find episode 209 of Men of a Certain Age elsewhere.

Dear Turner Network Television executive offices,

I just want to point out that it is ridiculous to compare ratings between television shows that feature guns and car chases, and those that do not. I find it the height of hypocrisy for Ted Turner, one of the most prominent champions of liberal political causes in the world, to bury a show that didn't have guns and car chases (Men of a Certain Age) so that ANOTHER show with car chases and guns can be added to their schedule.
Turner politically advocates funding for the disenfranchised in the United States yet forces the programming on his own channel to stand completely on its own. It's as if Turner is saying, "If it's somebody else's money, lets spend it all, but if it's on my network, a non violent show better get as good a rating as my gun shows and car chase shows or off it goes. This scenario is next to impossible since shows with guns and violence will usually draw a bigger crowd.
Can you name an "A" actor that does not use a gun? It's virtually impossible to be an A list actor nowadays without using a gun. I supposed Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts might fit that list, but for the most part, if you want to be an "A" actor, you'll use a gun, just ask Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt.
How come the liberal political television executive hacks send their children to private schools but on their own networks they don't allow shows without guns and car chases to exist? Isn't that a double standard?


want my own children to have the best, but on my own network I'll dish up guns and violence and force quality shows to get the same ratings as my guns and violence shows.

Ray Romano was involved in the most important sit com of all time, Everybody Loves Raymond. If TNT's car chase and gun loving television shows don't create enough of a profit margin to allow shows like Men of a Certain Age to continue, YOU, Turner Network Television, are to blame.
Fox Television supported America's Most Wanted for 23 years even though it was a money losing show, yet on the liberal side of the media, shows without guns get axed for more car chase gun toting shows.
Please uncancel Men of a Certain Age.
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