Friday, December 26, 2014

Why shooting down Drones that go onto "your airspace" is probably a bad idea.

A Drone flys over your backyard and you decide to shoot it down since you correctly believe that the airspace above your yard is yours. How high ownership of airspace above your home is yours I don't know, but some of the airspace height above your yard is yours. Perhaps one could argue if you can see the drone, than its in your airspace.

But before you start shooting at the invading drone ask yourself this question, do you have the legal right to launch bullets from your backyard onto public streets and other people's yards; unless those locations are firing at you, no you do not have the legal right to launch bullets into other air space and eventually land space. Even if you hit a drone with a bullet, the odds are very good that the bullet will still travel at a high rate of speed onto somebody else's property.

The impression that an invading drone gives one the legal right to shoot it down if it invades our own space is only logical if and only if the method used to shoot the drone down DOES NOT leave our own property. 

The next time you envision yourself shooting down a drone that is on your airspace property, pretend the drone is not there and that you are actually shooting off your gun into the air. Then ask yourself if you are not the one that is actually invading other people's spaces who did you no harm, with your bullets 

Be patirent, you can probably look forward to the invention of a street safe drone killer, probably on someone's design table even as I finish this article.

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