Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Protocol left out one important detail about the death of Harambe.

Opposing viewpoints in the Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla tragedy can cite evidence from the video that was shot to bolster their own position.

AlexLOGIC would like to suggest that an additional protocol be taken if this type of scenario ever happens again. MOVE THE ONLOOKERS back and away from the scene of the problem. I would allow anyone videotaping the incident to keep videotaping as long as they remain quiet.

If all the onlookers had been immediately moved away, the ensuing silence might have provided less agitation to Harambe, the 17 year old Gorilla who was put in the unenviable position that no matter what he did, people were yelling at him. 

Would silence have changed Harambe's demeanor? Of course we'll never know, but in the future the first step that should be taken is to lessen the impact the sounds of human screams may have in a zoo setting to any animal suddenly caught in an unusual situation.

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