Friday, December 11, 2020

Debunking Barbara Kay's Queen Gambit's review about a woman never becoming World Chess Champion.

Barbara Kay's opine about the Pay TV hit show "The Queen's Gambit" attempts to highlight what the show won't, that no woman has actually won a World Championship in Chess, ever.

Kay tries to justify the premise that a woman may never win a chess championship by pointing out that the male's steadfast desire to win a chess match even while Rome burns in the background and soon the male chess player will be decapitated, yet continues to play on nonetheless, as reason enough to accept that a woman will never win a chess championship because women know when to fold and know when to run, whereas men don't.

However, the foundational reasons she refers to about the history of chess skips over the real reason we have not had a woman world chess champion, and it can be summed up in one word, incentive.

In my opinion it would be ridiculous to make an assumption about any person, place or thing as never being equivalent to another person place or thing if one of the two being compared has never received similar nurturing or support, aka incentive.

If whatever chess championships and prize monies had been equivalently applied to both genders year after year, I believe eventually a female chess champion would have arisen who could have then beaten the male chess champion for the honor World Champion.

Ironically, it would be that same bullheaded, unrelenting male attribute, applied by a male as a coach to prospective female chess players that might become the difference maker.

Visualize it is 1970 and the Female World Chess Champion has a Chess rating of 2100, while the Male Chess Champion has a rating of 2800, yet both players received equal pay outs as they won match after match.

Isn't it logical to assume that great male chess players who themselves all fell short in their attempts to be the Male Chess Champion would not want to get into coaching to bring the World Female Chess Champion Rating above the 2100 where it stands?

I can envision scores of Male Chess Players wanting to be the first to coach a female Chess Player to greatness and attain the allegedly unattainable, the World's best Chess player from either gender.

And while we're at it, if women designed the Chess pieces, that alone might neutralize any alleged advantage men have in the arena of Chess.

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