Monday, March 16, 2015

Why Isn't the US building a fresh water pipeline from the midwest to drought plagued areas in the U.S.?

Why isn't the U.S. building a fresh water pipeline from the over flooded, overwintered midwest and east coast to the more frequently drought stricken areas of the U.S.? I'm not talking free water, I'm talking creating a revenue stream for the midwest and east coast in which excess fresh water run off is diverted to other parts of the U.S. and the midwest and east coast is paid.

The fresh water pipeline could even help prevent flooding along the Mississippi River. The U.S has been so intent on ramping up oil production in the past few years while apparently not prioritizing how a fresh water pipeline could evenly distribute fresh water in the U.S.

A water pipeline could provide much needed jobs to veterans as well. Apparently California has one year left of water, wow. California provides the bulk of certain foods for the entire U.S., so why isn't a water pipeline even being talked about by our media that seems enthralled about going on and on about Hillary Clinton's emails.

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