Saturday, April 20, 2024

CBS Friday Fun Night, So Help Me Todd, Elsbeth, Matlock, Make it so.

CBS Just announced the cancellation of So Help me Todd. If you agree this is a terrible move, Please Join the "Save So Help Me Todd", movement. You can also join the Save Todd Call to Action Group, and, you can sign the Change dot org Petition which now has over 22,000 signatures as of May 02, 2024.

CBS has a golden opportunity to create a Family Friendly Friday Night line-up with So Help Me Todd, Elsbeth, and Matlock. No Network has 3 hours of consecutive Family Friendly Prime Time programming on Network Television at the moment. At at time when Fentanyl overdose deaths have reached 100,000 a year, giving families a reason to stay together on a Friday Night and watch quirky, clever characters perform, has taken on a new importance...avoiding tragic fentanyl overdose deaths caused when kids go out on a Friday Night to have "fun".


Empowering quirkiness can reduce some of the emotional health issues that seem to be increasing with each passing year.

With the final season of Blue Bloods coming to a conclusion, now is the time to completely shift what remains of the CBS Friday line-up, to Thursday, and move Thursdays line-up, to Friday. 

Besides saving lives, there are extremely logical marketing reasons to create a CBS Friday Family Fun Night. Besides having 3 shows in a row the entire family can watch together without bullets flying in practically every scene and every direction, older viewers tend to be automobile buyers, and guess which day car advertisers like to run their car commercials, Fridays. 

Viewers have been inundated with car chase, explosive, violent, near death medical emergency viewing nights, game shows, and "reality" TV, why not add a full night with Quirky characters, clever writing, and recurring cast members who don't all carry remind us that Recurring Cast Members can be human, and quirky, without committing violence, battling violence, or be engaged in perpetual violent mayhem to draw an audience.

AlexLOGIC, aka Los Angeles Emmy Winning Producer / Editor Alessandro Machi has many of his own quirky ideas designed to help humanity.

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