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The underbelly of CBS's 2023/2024 Prime Time cancellation tactics, Location, Location, Location, and, who is in on it?

The recently canceled CBS shows NCIS Hawaii, Blue Bloods, and So Help Me Todd have one thing in common, they are all shot on Location. Another CBS cancelled show, Bob Hearts Abishola, may have been cancelled so CBS could slot in the Show's Hall of Fame Executive Producer Chuck Lorre's new show, Georgie and Mandy. Even this "trade off" is mysterious since Lorre had 2 CBS Prime Time shows come to an end, Young Sheldon and Bob Hearts Abishola, and only was awarded one new show, Georgie and Mandy. It was as if CBS realized they better throw Lorre a bone before Lorre completely leaves and takes his talents elsewhere. Truly stunning that CBS let Lorre start new shows elsewhere, wow.

Apparently CBS may be trying to avail itself to potential suitor Sony to buy their brand by making their studio look as profitable as possible, even if means destroying the lives and careers of those who have provided services for CBS.

Suddenly the murky behavior of CBS needs to be examined to see if their actions are in violation of the law. 

My speculation is CBS has turned to their own bean counters to advise CBS on how to increase the value and sales price of CBS to prospective buyer Sony; even if it means punishing CBS television shows that are NOT shot on the CBS studio lot. Even the mythically talented Executive Producer Chuck Lorre was forced to to maintain his creative empire by taking his talents elsewhere. LeBron James would be proud of Chuck for doing so, CBS fans, not so much.

Blue Bloods is shot on location in New York and one assumes is a boon to the local economy. NCIS Hawaii is shot in Hawaii, and one would think is a source of income to Hawaii, especially after the devastating fire that decimated the town of Lahaina on the island of Maui. So Help Me Todd is filmed in Vancouver and surely helped the Vancouver economy. 

Because each CBS location show was cancelled, CBS will be able to show a more robust stage billing percentage versus off site production costs, which in turn makes CBS stages look more valuable to any entity interested in buying the CBS brand.

Speculation points to an absolutely tyrannical lust for maximizing the value of CBS studios to Sony so CBS can grind out a billion or billions more dollars from prospective buyer Sony! 

Memo to Sony, if you reward CBS for their cancellation strategy, Fans of all the cancelled shows will also boycott Sony for rewarding CBS's anti fan agenda.

Imagine the ferocity of a multi-billion dollar juggernaut Network like CBS with the mindset of a 2 year old saying "mine, mine, mine" at every turn, then throwing and breaking the toys that bore them so nobody else can have them. But for a theory of cancelling shows produced outside of CBS studios to increase the value of CBS to a prospective buyer to possibly be true, then a series like CSI Vegas would have also been cancelled.  Oh wait, CSI Vegas was also cancelled by CBS! 

So a studio that thrives on viewers all over the U.S., Canada, and even internationally (Bob Hearts Abishola is popular internationally) appears to have selfishly cancelled location shows and a show that appeals to international audiences. This cancellation celebration may allow CBS to drive up the percentage usage of CBS studio billable time versus the total operating budget for each episode, which in turn should increase the overall value of the CBS Stages and CBS  brand so CBS can squeeze extra money out of a sale to Sony. 

If the above cancellation of location agenda is true, it sounds like it would take a season's worth of So Help Me Todd episodes to expose this demonic, self indulgent, real life madness.

But what if it is even worse than a motive to both create a higher CBS brand sales cost while also messing with the lives and futures of multiple brilliant creatives and their teams of talented casts and crew? 

If you think the above scenario is not possible, studio executive knuckleheads either approved or have remained quiet as to who ordered the cutting down of shade trees during the Writers Strike to help bake the brains of the most creative minds on the planet, the ones that produce the shows that gives CBS their studio value! Or maybe it was a competitor of CBS that ordered the cutting down of the shade trees specifically because CBS was so far ahead in scripted program ratings??? (make that 2 seasons worth of new of So Help Me Todd episodes to expose this escalating madness).

What if the California Politicians responsible for the rapidly expanding California Budget Deficit want CBS studios to drop their outside out of State location production so more studio jobs will be added locally? What if California wants the CBS sales price to go as high as possible since it will mean a substantial raise in property tax revenue and all the other associated tax revenue by creating more California based shows using local talent?

On a sad but potentially related issue, the quid pro quo between California governance and the White House is so incestuous you would cringe if you knew the details. 

Additionally 24 billion for homeless projects have gone unaccounted. The Political Motivation to encourage CBS to cut their "out of California location productions" and focus on California based production suddenly seems like a fiscal quid pro quo for both CBS and California. CBS first cuts all outside of California Entertainment Production, this results in an increase in California jobs and local production at CBS Studioswhich helps jack up the sales price of the CBS Brand to prospective suitor Sony, which helps California increase its tax revenue base in a myriad of ways, which helps reimburse the 55 billion dollar in fraudulent unemployment reimbursements to the Federal Government faster, or, help battle the rapidly rising California Budget deficit crisis.

One way California and the White House can prove there has been no quid pro quo between California and the White House is to swarm CBS with real FBI agents and honestly investigate if CBS traded the livelihood of those who worked on these cancelled shows so CBS Executives and Equity Stake holders could pocket extra money at the expense of Creatives and the legacy programming CBS obliterated.

Calling Margaret's law firm, Beverly Crest, where are you when we need you and Todd to investigate? Doesn't it seem like So Help Me Todd is truth, and we in the "real world" are trapped inside a cauldron of fraudulent reality that is more dishonest than the make believe world of Todd? Maybe Todd is real, and we are make believe? 

Update: May 19, 2024 6:06pm.
What exactly did CBS do that would warrant an investigation? I would suggest posing as a studio that accepts Television series that shoot on location, and then using this exact same reason to cancel the same series would be a change in terms violation and breach of contract. 

The further issue that could be argued is CBS hoarded scripted, highly rated location shows so other Networks could not have them, thus becoming a scripted series ratings monopoly; then offering no relocation payment remedy as they cancelled their location shows. 

Since location shows have been disrupted, there could also be a Hobbs Act violation, which is disruption of interstate commerce. 

There could also be some type of allegation of private enrichment through the use of public airwaves since the goal is to personally profit by canceling the very shows that created value through the public airwaves. Paramount Plus could possibly tell anyone to get lost for no reason at all since they are subscription based, but the bar would have to be higher for a publicly owned / Government controlled transmission signal that is used by CBS to increase its resale value.

Lack of monetary remedy to the cancelled TV shows should be asked for based on the alleged violations listed above.

Alessandro Machi is involved in several mindful projects in an age that is rapidly over relying on Artificial Intelligence. Banned by LinkedIn assists wrongfully permanently restricted LinkedIn members get reinstated to the LinkedIn Platform. Save So Help Me Todd is a grass roots effort to find a new home for the recently canceled So Help Me Todd. Alessandro's credit card innovation concept can reverse the record consumer credit card debt of 1.1 trillion dollars. Alessandro also has several other exciting projects in the works and welcomes interested investors.

Friday, May 3, 2024

So Help Me Todd should move to the CW Network.

The behavior and actions of CBS point to a preordained cancellation of So Help me Todd once Elsbeth was given back to back episodes the same night Todd was removed from that night's schedule. The back to back Elsbeth episodes resulted in So Help Me Todd going 28 days between broadcasts, even though So Help Me Todd still had 6 new episodes that had not been broadcast yet! 

The manner in which CBS trotted out their new fall line-up on a Thursday just hours before Todd was premiering a new episode, as if CBS did it intentionally to put a dagger into Todd's Fans, cannot be forgotten. 

What also cannot be forgotten is how 3 CBS shows, Blue Bloods, NCIS Hawaii, and So Help me Todd, each had divergent AND VERY LOYAL fans.  

Why would CBS cut ties with 3 TV shows that each had very loyal yet separate demographic fan bases who EACH found their own favorite show, healing?

NCIS Hawaii was most likely helping the local Hawaiian economy recover after the devastating fire, cancelled

Blue Bloods was a reassuring show that behind the scenes, well intentioned Upper Brass were constantly at work trying to keep law and order fair for everyone, cancelled

So Help Me Todd IS a delight for those who love transformative characters that one moment seem in too far over their heads but then COLLECTIVELY endure and prosper. What an uplifting message to send out each week, teamwork wins.  cancelled.

Having successfully cut the heart out of over 10-15 million fans with these 3 CBS cancellations, this is the time to see if the CW Network wants to embrace So Help Me Todd and Todd's executive Producer, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Phil's Production company, Merit Street Media. Many Todd Fans do not recall that Dr. Phil created the very popular Bull, which ran for 6 seasons on CBS and was replaced by So Help me Todd. It's time Dr. Phil take a more prominent role so Fans of Todd realize without Dr. Phil, So Help Me Todd may have never made it to Television.

If Dr. Phil and CBS have irreconcilable differences, hopefully CBS allows Dr. Phil to move both So Help Me Todd to a new network of Dr. Phil's choosing. Plus, CBS has played a punkish role by ignoring thousands upon thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of Todd fans written comments begging for CBS to give Todd another chance on their Network.

The least CBS can do now is allow So Help Me Todd to thrive elsewhere.

There are at least 3 one hour series on the CW network that would mesh perfectly in a back to back scenario with So Help Me Todd.
Family Law, Wild Cards, and the fall release of The Librarians. Even the cancelled Spenser Sisters would work in tandem with So Help Me Todd.

What would it take So Help me Todd Series Executive Producer, Dr. Phil, to be involved with the CW? If I were brokering a deal between the CW and Dr. Phil, I would require Dr. Phil put in 10 million equity stake to become an Equity Partner, and, adding So Help me Todd to the CW Schedule and possibly the Dr. Phil Show.

So Help Me Todd fans would be the difference maker when a million So Help me Todd fans publicly endorse following Todd to the CW. Considering the CW averages 300,000 fans per broadcast, an additional 1 million new fans loyal to the CW would most certainly put a dent in the 70 million dollar loss the CW Network recently experienced. And here is where it gets real interesting.   

Dr. Phil now has his own streaming network.  An additional added value is being able to use Dr. Phil's Merit Street Media to incubate new shows. Additionally, Because ratings have been low for the CW, rerunning past series would be like showing them for the first time. This rerun tactic is exactly what CBS did when they re ran the series Yellowstone on CBS during the Writer's strike. 

Tripling the ratings of the CW and expanding programming options from the CW Vault for newly arriving Todd Fans should create a significant increase in advertising reach and revenue. 

Because Paramount owns 12.5% interest in the CW, they stand to gain from their CW investment by not standing in the way of a Dr. Phil move to the CW network.


Alessandro Machi is involved in several mindful projects in an age that is rapidly over relying on Artificial Intelligence. Banned by LinkedIn assists wrongfully permanently restricted LinkedIn members get reinstated to the LinkedIn Platform. Save So Help Me Todd is a grass roots effort to find a new home for the recently canceled So Help Me Todd. Alessandro's credit card innovation concept can reverse the record consumer credit card debt of 1.1 trillion dollars. Alessandro also has several other exciting projects in the works and welcomes interested investors.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

CBS Friday Fun Night, So Help Me Todd, Elsbeth, Matlock, Make it so.

CBS Just announced the cancellation of So Help me Todd. If you agree this is a terrible move, Please Join the "Save So Help Me Todd", movement. You can also join the Save Todd Call to Action Group, and, you can sign the Change dot org Petition which now has over 22,000 signatures as of May 02, 2024.

CBS has a golden opportunity to create a Family Friendly Friday Night line-up with So Help Me Todd, Elsbeth, and Matlock. No Network has 3 hours of consecutive Family Friendly Prime Time programming on Network Television at the moment. At at time when Fentanyl overdose deaths have reached 100,000 a year, giving families a reason to stay together on a Friday Night and watch quirky, clever characters perform, has taken on a new importance...avoiding tragic fentanyl overdose deaths caused when kids go out on a Friday Night to have "fun".


Empowering quirkiness can reduce some of the emotional health issues that seem to be increasing with each passing year.

With the final season of Blue Bloods coming to a conclusion, now is the time to completely shift what remains of the CBS Friday line-up, to Thursday, and move Thursdays line-up, to Friday. 

Besides saving lives, there are extremely logical marketing reasons to create a CBS Friday Family Fun Night. Besides having 3 shows in a row the entire family can watch together without bullets flying in practically every scene and every direction, older viewers tend to be automobile buyers, and guess which day car advertisers like to run their car commercials, Fridays. 

Viewers have been inundated with car chase, explosive, violent, near death medical emergency viewing nights, game shows, and "reality" TV, why not add a full night with Quirky characters, clever writing, and recurring cast members who don't all carry remind us that Recurring Cast Members can be human, and quirky, without committing violence, battling violence, or be engaged in perpetual violent mayhem to draw an audience.

AlexLOGIC, aka Los Angeles Emmy Winning Producer / Editor Alessandro Machi has many of his own quirky ideas designed to help humanity.

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