Friday, May 3, 2024

So Help Me Todd should move to the CW Network.

The behavior and actions of CBS point to a preordained cancellation of So Help me Todd once Elsbeth was given back to back episodes the same night Todd was removed from that night's schedule. The back to back Elsbeth episodes resulted in So Help Me Todd going 28 days between broadcasts, even though So Help Me Todd still had 6 new episodes that had not been broadcast yet! 

The manner in which CBS trotted out their new fall line-up on a Thursday just hours before Todd was premiering a new episode, as if CBS did it intentionally to put a dagger into Todd's Fans, cannot be forgotten. 

What also cannot be forgotten is how 3 CBS shows, Blue Bloods, NCIS Hawaii, and So Help me Todd, each had divergent AND VERY LOYAL fans.  

Why would CBS cut ties with 3 TV shows that each had very loyal yet separate demographic fan bases who EACH found their own favorite show, healing?

NCIS Hawaii was most likely helping the local Hawaiian economy recover after the devastating fire, cancelled

Blue Bloods was a reassuring show that behind the scenes, well intentioned Upper Brass were constantly at work trying to keep law and order fair for everyone, cancelled

So Help Me Todd IS a delight for those who love transformative characters that one moment seem in too far over their heads but then COLLECTIVELY endure and prosper. What an uplifting message to send out each week, teamwork wins.  cancelled.

Having successfully cut the heart out of over 10-15 million fans with these 3 CBS cancellations, this is the time to see if the CW Network wants to embrace So Help Me Todd and Todd's executive Producer, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Phil's Production company, Merit Street Media. Many Todd Fans do not recall that Dr. Phil created the very popular Bull, which ran for 6 seasons on CBS and was replaced by So Help me Todd. It's time Dr. Phil take a more prominent role so Fans of Todd realize without Dr. Phil, So Help Me Todd may have never made it to Television.

If Dr. Phil and CBS have irreconcilable differences, hopefully CBS allows Dr. Phil to move both So Help Me Todd to a new network of Dr. Phil's choosing. Plus, CBS has played a punkish role by ignoring thousands upon thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of Todd fans written comments begging for CBS to give Todd another chance on their Network.

The least CBS can do now is allow So Help Me Todd to thrive elsewhere.

There are at least 3 one hour series on the CW network that would mesh perfectly in a back to back scenario with So Help Me Todd.
Family Law, Wild Cards, and the fall release of The Librarians. Even the cancelled Spenser Sisters would work in tandem with So Help Me Todd.

What would it take So Help me Todd Series Executive Producer, Dr. Phil, to be involved with the CW? If I were brokering a deal between the CW and Dr. Phil, I would require Dr. Phil put in 10 million equity stake to become an Equity Partner, and, adding So Help me Todd to the CW Schedule and possibly the Dr. Phil Show.

So Help Me Todd fans would be the difference maker when a million So Help me Todd fans publicly endorse following Todd to the CW. Considering the CW averages 300,000 fans per broadcast, an additional 1 million new fans loyal to the CW would most certainly put a dent in the 70 million dollar loss the CW Network recently experienced. And here is where it gets real interesting.   

Dr. Phil now has his own streaming network.  An additional added value is being able to use Dr. Phil's Merit Street Media to incubate new shows. Additionally, Because ratings have been low for the CW, rerunning past series would be like showing them for the first time. This rerun tactic is exactly what CBS did when they re ran the series Yellowstone on CBS during the Writer's strike. 

Tripling the ratings of the CW and expanding programming options from the CW Vault for newly arriving Todd Fans should create a significant increase in advertising reach and revenue. 

Because Paramount owns 12.5% interest in the CW, they stand to gain from their CW investment by not standing in the way of a Dr. Phil move to the CW network.


Alessandro Machi is involved in several mindful projects in an age that is rapidly over relying on Artificial Intelligence. Banned by LinkedIn assists wrongfully permanently restricted LinkedIn members get reinstated to the LinkedIn Platform. Save So Help Me Todd is a grass roots effort to find a new home for the recently canceled So Help Me Todd. Alessandro's credit card innovation concept can reverse the record consumer credit card debt of 1.1 trillion dollars. Alessandro also has several other exciting projects in the works and welcomes interested investors.

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