Thursday, December 30, 2010

From ABC News "Bob Barker Blasts Boring Drew Carey" (while TMZ cameraperson films Barker from the safety of the sidewalk.)"

Warning, ABC may put a 60 second commercial in front of this 80 second video. Gasp. For the Record, ABC coined the first half of the title, Alex LOGIC added the TMZ part.

Warning, ABC may put a 60 second commercial in front of this 80 second video. Gasp.

You'd think TMZ would know better. AlexLOGIC caught up with the camera person who took this video and asked the following questions...

How come you stay on the sidewalk while the celebrities you are filming stand next to their cars in rush hour traffic?

TMZ Camera Person
You don't think I'm stupid enough to stand in the street in Los Angeles during rush hour, do you?

What if one of your celebrity interviews were to get hit by a car while you were filming them?

TMZ Camera Person
Then my footage would be a lot more valuable!

Too bad TMZ doesn't have a great legal mind to go over safety rules with you when filming celebrities.

TMZ Camera Person

From ABC News Drew Carey Responds to Bob Barker.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fox Television uses 800,000 mistake to add new show called "Puppies Crossing the Freeway" right after "Million Dollar Money Drop".

I have it on no authority that Fox Television is going to add a new show after "Million Dollar Money Drop" Called "Puppies Crossing The Freeway". The recent publicity surrounding the loss of 800,000 dollars on "Million Dollar Money Drop" by a couple on a question they actually got right, has just shown Fox how popular their million dollar shows can become.

Fox executives were so enthralled watching the life blood drain out of contestants faces over how easily they could lose one million dollars that they had to come up with a show immediately following Million Dollar Money Drop.
One unidentified Fox executive excitedly enthused, "seeing one million dollars get sucked down the portal of poverty and back into Fox Television's hands while contestants' insides turn out makes me grateful to be part of such a winning formula, and its a ratings winner!"

"Even the devastated contestants have privately told us the emotional pain they will carry for the rest of their lives is worth it just for the chance to fondle a million dollars worth of bundled up bills."
One couple who watched one million dollars get swallowed up by the portal of poverty on the very last question allegedly asked if they could keep the rubber bands that bundled all that money into such sexy stacks. Fox was only too happy to oblige and the couple was last seen inhaling the rubber bands' million dollar aroma.

Fox hopes to recapture that heart palpitating moment when a million dollars drops down the portal of poverty in a whole new way, with their new show called "Puppies Crossing the Freeway".

Another Fox executer swooned...
"Puppies Crossing the Freeway is a very special show. The chance to incorporate what makes Million Dollar Money Drop a winner, by using puppies instead of a million dollars, was a stroke of genius".

"The best shows keep people on edge and in fear right up to the very end, and puppies crossing the freeway doesn't disappoint. Contestants choose whether to save one puppy, two puppies, or save all the puppies by trying to stop unsuspecting traffic using everyday props such as baseball bats, bikini's, cell phones, even police uninforms! Best of all, Puppies Crossing the Freeway uses only puppies that were already supposed to have been euthanized.
Fox executives are pleased to mention that every dog that appears on Puppies Crossing the Freeway has already been given a stay of execution from the pound. At least one puppy per show will be saved! If it turns out that none of the puppies makes it safely across the freeway, the last puppy waiting to cross won't have to go if the contestants decide to adopt the puppy. If the contestants decline, the last puppy gets a stay until the next shows filming.
"We were planning on embedding microphones just beneath the freeway surface for unforgettable sound effects, and so we did," Beamed another Fox executive.
"Contestants have already come up with unique approaches. One contestant actually crossed the freeway first, then led all the puppies across while performing Chariots of Fire on their fife, and they almost made it too! The sound effects were amazing!"
Plans for a sequel to Million Dollar Money Drop called, "Carry a Million Dollars Around in a Satchel all Day in Public" could not be confirmed for this article.

Also allegedly in the works is a show called "Ransom", in which a divorced couple use clues to find a million dollars within 24 hours. Serious dramedy ensues when the divorced couples realize they may have to share their prize with others in exchange for their help, or risk getting remarried to each other if they don't find the money in time.

Other million dollar shows being considered are...

"I have a million dollars in my car and you don't" in which cartestants drive around with a million dollars in plain sight for 24 hours. The cartestants must make at least one gesture of their choosing towards other drivers on the road every half an hour.

Million dollar costume. In this Fox game show contestants must wear and sell a piece of clothing made entirely out of a million dollars. Hilarity ensues when desperate contestants begin removing money from the wardrobe they are wearing and giving it to prospective buyers to help pay for the million dollar clothing, but the prospective buyers just keep asking for more and more.

Million dollar Snow Ball fight. Snow ball fights are the order of the day when Fox Television plants 20 dollar bills inside 50,000 snowballs. Two teams must decide whether to try and knock each other out so they can retrieve their 20 dollar snow balls while an intrigued public looks on. Will the two teams suddenly have to combine forces and defeat the public at large, or can they keep the public at bay, knock the other team out, and win the million dollars!

Million Dollar Mattress Stomp. Contestants are placed in a house and told that one of their mattresses has a million dollars in it. However, if that mattress is ripped open in any way, the entire house is disqualified from the million dollars.

House members discuss their feelings as to which mattress they think is the million dollar mattress and why.
Once a week, one mattress is voted off the house and a machete is thrust into the heart of the mattress while freaked out members pray its just a moneyless mattress.

Adult Hilarity ensues members begin to share the remaining mattresses. Different house members combine forces and use their own carnal methods for figuring out which mattress has the million dollars.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Million Dollar Money Drop makes 800,000 dollar mistake, then compounds their first mistake with another one.

The Million Dollar Money Drop 800,000 dollar mistake is just amazing on several levels. A tenacious couple, Gabe Okoye and Brittany Mayti appear to have lost 800,000 dollars over a mistake not of their doing in any way.

Apparently, 3M company gave the wrong date for the original release date of post-it notes, so the game show was relying on erroneous information provided by 3M. I also read that the couple then got the next question wrong, so the banksters among us would argue, no harm, no foul.

The problem is, the game show puts an incredible amount of stress on their contestants. The tease of starting with a million dollars in cash right in front of the contestants, and then having it start to disappear with each incorrect answer, is rather harsh. It's also clever, but in a harsh kind of way.

The gentleman, Gabe Okoye, decided in a courteous, thoughtful manner to "be the man" in this instance and override his girlfriend's choice because Okoye seemed to have a handle on the history of post-it notes.

Okoye mentioned some things about the history of post-it notes that I seem to recall as well. Post-it notes were originally a mistake until someone at 3M company realized it was a clever idea. Okoye used his recollection of the post-it note to override his girl friend's, (Brittany Mayti) belief that walkman's came out before the post-it note.

When the game show incorrectly said Mayti was right and Okoye was wrong, (resulting in the loss of 800,000), it is clear that it was a gut crushing moment for Mr. Okoye and that he was devastated beyond the consoling provided by Mayti. While I admire Brittany Mayti for being so gracious when it appeared Mr. Okoye overruled her choice, the bigger issue is that the television show made a mistake.

At this point, because the show made a mistake and Okoye was actually right, the show has caused mental cruelty, torment and anguish, both present and future, upon Okoye. Another thing I noticed, Okoye wanted to put all of the couples money on the post-it note choice, but there was not enough room for him to place all the money on that selection and time ran out just before he could make all the money fit on his first choice.

The other 80,000 dollars should have gone to the post it note selection and the couple should have had 880,000 dollars for the next round.

Million Dollar Money Drop just premiered a few days ago so I have yet to see the entire show. Is the couple allowed to not bet anymore and walk away? Or, are they forced to keep betting all of their winnings every round so they can still end up with zero? I found an article that explains how the show is played, but it still left me confused.

I have an unsolicited suggestion for Fox. You're obviously going to make up for YOUR MISTAKE with a huge increase in television ratings. PAY THE COUPLE AT LEAST 500,000 DOLLARS for YOUR MISTAKE, NO STRINGS ATTACHED, and then invite them back. Correct YOUR MISTAKE by adding the 80,000 that Okoye wanted to put with the 800,000. Okoye and Mayti then have 880,000 dollars, and proceed with the final two questions of the game.

If Fox invites this couple back on the air without first giving them money with no strings attached for their prior emotional suffering and trauma, they actually run the risk of having the couple lose again, and just make them that much more traumatized, resulting in an EVEN BIGGER LAWSUIT down the road.

lol, Maybe Fox will let the audience decide if Okoye and Mayti should get any money from their first visit via phone text message voting. Fox could probably raise enough money from charging for the text calls to pay Okoye and Mayti for Million Dollar Drop's original mistake.

My suggestion, Pay 500,000 dollars for the prior mistake, then give back to Gabe and Brittany 880,000 dollars going into the final two rounds and continue from there.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why Helmet to Helmet Contact is creating more and more problems in the National Football league.

I am not an impact analysis physicist in real life, but I'm going to do my impersonation of one here at Alex LOGIC dot com. I just watched the latest helmet to helmet contact moments earlier today in a game between the San Diego Chargers and the Cincinnati Bengals.

It suddenly dawned on me why helmet to helmet contact seems to be getting more lethal as time goes on. My revelation was further confirmed when I did a google image search for "shock absorbing helmets". It appears that the best way to protect the head inside of a helmet is by finding the furthest point from the head that is considered the impact point, strengthening that farthest point as much as possible, and then adding technologically advanced cushioning in layers inside the helmet.

The problem with this approach however is that the harder the outside of the helmet is made in conjunction with more sophisticated cushioning on the inside (therefore the more protection offered to the helmet wearing person), the more DAMAGE that helmet wearing person does to whatever it is contacting. So, when two football players helmets collide, they create a lot of deflective force even as they protect the helmet wearer.

It's a classic case of Dr. Doolittle's "Push Me, Pull You".

For the more neanderthal among us, these two women also represent push me, pull you...

"Push Me, Pull You" is not the answer when it comes to N.F.L. football helmets.

The image of the freeway guard rail completely embeded inside of the automoble above shows the problem that will occur if two different types of structures impact each other, so football helmets have to be made the same for every football player.

So what is the answer for reducing head to head helmet damage on the NFL football field?

I can't show you an exact picture of the answer, but if you look at the image below...

The concrete pylon, or barrier, has no give, causing the car (aka player) to completely give in and collapse against itself. However, in football, that concrete pylon would be connected to a second player's neck and spine that does give way, possibly causing paralysis to the player being hit, and significantly less damage to the hurtling car (tackling player).

Ideally, the helmet exterior needs to be made of three layers, the outside layer MUST collapse at a certain impact threshold and then be re-stabilized by a second internal shell layer that doesn't give, underneath that middle layer would be a third layer that once again would be compressible, but less compressible then the outer layer.

In my opinion all three shell layers are critical, the first outer shell layer "gives" to increase stopping distance and stopping time. The second, unforgiving layer is as strong as the outer shell is on current football helmets, but then it is absolutely essential to have another shell layer below that to prevent this middle shell from being driven backwards into the skull, then the cushion is in the next few layers as is presently being used.

The result is, after a head to head collision, one would actually see dents on the helmets of both players, without the internal strongest component in any way contacting the skull.

Ideally, it's the alternating of a hard but crushable exterior, protected by the actual hardest part of the helmet, reinforced by another less crushable interior, followed by several cushioning components.

Am I talking a bigger helmet that what is used now? No. I am talking three shell layers that may result in slightly less room for the final set of internal cushions, but because of the buckling that will occur on the outside that is not presently occurring, should negate slightly less room for the internal cushions. However, those cushions become a last line of defense, so somehow, slightly less cushioning has to be more effective than in the past.

Determining the composition of the three shell layers would be very complicated, and the cushions would become even more critical as a final fail safe should a contact occur that still allows for massive force to go through all three shell layers.

I think we're talking a much more expensive helmet, and a more disposable helmet as well. But the presumably additional protection to the footballplayers should be worth it.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Interstate Battery Commercial "Pinball" is very funny, AlexLOGIC would have added two more ideas to make it even better.

The Interstate Battery Commercial, "Pinball" is the kind of commercial that makes Alex LOGIC sigh because AlexLOGIC could have helped make this funny commercial even better.
Although this sixty second Interstate battery commercial is funny and effective, Alex Logic thinks the commercial could have been squeezed down to 30 seconds.

However, as a 60 second commercial, there were two things that could have made this commercial even better.
Interstate Battery's "Pinball" is a good commercial, if AlexLOGIC had been consulted, it could have been even better, and, it could probably still be made better without a reshoot!

Just sayin.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Isaiah Mustafa of Old Spice "I'm on a Horse" fame Hosts the 2010, 7th Annual TBS funniest commercials of the year special, Thursday, Dec. 16, 10PM

Isaiah Mustafa of Old Spice "I'm on a Horse" fame is hosting the 2010 7th Annual TBS funniest commercials of the year special, Thursday, Dec. 16, 10PM

Mr. Mustafa's commercials have been reviewed by Alex Logic in the past on two occasions.

Isn't it interesting how "funny" commercials rule the day when it comes to a television special about our favorite commercials. I would add that besides funny, that clever commercials will be included as well.

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