Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Folgers New coffee commercial about son coming back from war once again crosses a line.

(Edit update: Dec. 26, 2010 - (9:10 pm) I was watching the Undercover boss episode of GSI Commerce with Michael Rubin when the Folgers Christmas Commercial with the brother and sister came on. Something about it was different. I had just seen it on 60 minutes and it seemed like the version below.

However, this Folgers version seemed different. Either it was a 15 second Folgers commercial version, or the commercial had been re-edited. I think they took out the smutty and longful looks between the brother and sister, and I think a voiceover was added at the front of the video saying "we", to imply the family missed their son/brother. I wIll have to watch out for this Folgers version that seemed different to me than the version below.)

I don't know what it is about Folgers attempts to create sappy, tear jerking commercials, but for the second year in a row, their attempt leaves me feeling slightly creeped out.

This time around the returning son from war arrives home and has a gift for sis. Sis looks longingly at her brother and says, "having you back is my gift".

In my opinion, this folgers commercial is very sappy and sweet, but it also has just has a slightly unintended incestuous tone to it. (Edit Update Dec. 6, 2010, I just found the commercial on youtube and have added it up above. The comments are a hoot and many basically mirror what I am saying.)

I think I just figured out what, in my opinion, Folgers has done wrong. I gave the solution to the Folgers Engagement commercial. I won't reveal the solution this time because at some point, these ad agencies and or company reps should be earnestly turning over whatever potential opportunities are out there to help guide them out of the embarrassment of churning out these commercials that seem to create an unintended yuck factor mixed in with the sweet sappiness.

Folgers should separate out that the yuck factor from the sweet sappiness in their commercials, otherwise, at some point, we may begin to wonder if their product is any different from their commercials.

Edit Update Dec.6, 2010: I am not sure when this commercial was originally broadcast. On the youtube upload it says 2009 folgers Christmas commercial.

Edit Update Dec.8, 2010: Folgers held a contest to come up with a new musical intro for their commercials. The irony is, that's not the problem with their commercials.

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