Saturday, December 25, 2010

Interstate Battery Commercial "Pinball" is very funny, AlexLOGIC would have added two more ideas to make it even better.

The Interstate Battery Commercial, "Pinball" is the kind of commercial that makes Alex LOGIC sigh because AlexLOGIC could have helped make this funny commercial even better.
Although this sixty second Interstate battery commercial is funny and effective, Alex Logic thinks the commercial could have been squeezed down to 30 seconds.

However, as a 60 second commercial, there were two things that could have made this commercial even better.
Interstate Battery's "Pinball" is a good commercial, if AlexLOGIC had been consulted, it could have been even better, and, it could probably still be made better without a reshoot!

Just sayin.

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itsjames2u said...

So what are the two things you would have done differently? Simply saying "I could do better" without offering any examples rings awfully hollow, don't you think? Just sayin'.

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi James, you are correct, so let me explain.

There are many many articles I have previously written for Alex LOGIC in which I do give out suggestions for making a commercial more interesting, funny, or memorable.

However, from time to time I will post an article and not give the "I can do better" critique simply because I feel my ideas still have value.

I try to balance it out so for every couple of articles in which I give out ideas, there is one in which I don't.

If I give all of the ideas away for free, then I devalue my consulting services. On the other hand, I realize it is important to give out ideas so that people have something to go on before hiring me as a commercials consultant.