Monday, September 3, 2012

Hollywood Blvd classes up the Hollywood Walk of Fame, DENIES Kim Kardashian a Star, Hooray for Hollywood!

Apparently, Kim Kardashian thinks she is a star because she has a huge following and is a reality TV show success. Thankfully, the Hollywood Walk of Fame recently shot down that belief by denying  Kim Kardashian her own star on Hollywood.

Here's a truth that escapes most reality TV stars, almost anybody's life could be conveyed in a way that could draw attention or interest if the resources were made available to document their lives in a dramatic fashion. Although almost anybody's life could be portrayed in an interesting manner, being attractive tends to be one additional dividing line that is added into the equation.

The difference for Hollywood actors is they actually have to have been in a television series, real movies, live plays, for at least five years, with the audiences deciding if the ACTOR is great, or not.

Reality TV allows the producers to manipulate the viewpoint of their show to garner popularity for an onscreen persona. I think a Reality TV walk of fame belongs somewhere, but I applaud Hollywood for not mixing the two very separate entertainment avenues into one.

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