Saturday, October 20, 2012

Newsweek going all digital, there may be a better way.

If I were Newsweek, besides going "all digital", Newsweek could put out a once a month magazine version that features the best stories of the month. However, integrating the paper version with their digital products might prove an interesting scenario.

The way to do a paper to digital integration would be to have a portable, wireless digital scanner. Simply scan the embedded url within the story, and the reader is transported to a longer, perhaps updated version online.  

The cool aspect would be that the portion in the paper version becomes the starting point for the digital version. The digital version simply takes off from that point in the article for future updates or more indepth research.

The monthly becomes a way for people to track memorable stories in print, but then cross over to the digital version if they want more info.

The value of the monthly newsprint version is that it becomes a form of news "curation" that allows the reader to have a quick way to  keep an archive on print, but also access to a connected digital version as well.

Perhaps an articles menu is even more doable. Newsweek sends out a an 8 1/2 card stock "paper menu", with short descriptions and url links to the actual stories online. The portable wireless digital scanner is used to instantly find the articles online.

Internet curation is desperately needed, and the people putting out the news may just be the most qualified to curate their own stories more efficiently.

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