Sunday, March 24, 2019

Fascinating Lawsuit, Lebron James's Tattoo Artist sues NBA 2K after they include his Tattoo work on Lebron James Computer Generated Image.

The Pro's and Cons of Lebron James's Tattoo Artist suing NBA 2k are indeed intriguing. A Tattoo Artist takes pride in the work they do. Performing work on a Universally known Celebrity is an achievement. For another entity to then replicate his Body Artwork in a for profit scheme without his approval or compensation is probably worthy of a lawsuit. However there are other issues to consider.

The Tatoo Artist does not own Lebron James's body, it's Lebron's to do with as Lebron pleases. What if NBA 2k refused to do a deal with Lebron because they would have also have to pay the Tattoo artist? Would that not be compromising Lebron James's Brand and ability to earn revenue? 

What about all the business the Tattoo Artist has gotten because he did Lebron James's tattoo and his work was repeatedly featured on National Television over and over? Was the NBA compensated for the revenue that Lebron's tattoo's generated for the Tattoo Artist specifically because Lebron James has been repeatedly featured in Nationally Broadcast NBA Games?

Perhaps the remaining issue is consideration. If the tattoo is being replicated, credit must go to the Artist who created the Tattoo. So instead of trying to win compensation, it might be just as valuable to sue to enforce proper accreditation when it comes to the creator of the Tattoo. 

An Additional issue would be how well was the tattoo reproduced. A Tattoo Artist might need to be consulted with to make sure their work is being properly reproduced. A poor reproduction of the Tattoo could hurt the Tattoo Artist's reputation going forward.
Maybe this should be less about compensation and more about accurately reproducing the tattoo in a computer generated version, and also properly crediting the tattoo artist. To go beyond those two issues could compromise Lebron James's Brand.

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