Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Best Looking Show on Television, The Middle, is shot on Kodak Motion Picture Film.

As Kodak files for bankruptcy, it's rather ironic to note that the best looking show in all of television, The Middle, is shot on Kodak Motion Picture film.

Since Kodak is filing a few lawsuits these days, they should add the camera rental houses that continue to siphon their film camera profits towards improving their digital camera division.

I just don't know what is more pathetic, television shows shot digitally that would look better on Kodak film, The film camera rental houses siphoning Kodak Film Based camera rental profits towards their digital camera's ongoing research and development, the film camera companies actually steering their clients towards their digital filmmaking cameras so they can continue their research and development, or the Kodak critics who criticize Kodak even though Kodak's film products are still superior to the everyday digital video camera being hoisted on various television shows.

Don't believe me, watch The Middle and watch the best looking show in all of television, shot on Kodak Motion Picture film.

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