Friday, January 6, 2012

How I would save Kodak.

I have been wanting to buy Kodak products recently to replace my canon digital still camera and my epson printer, but the Kodak website has me kuite konfused right now.

I am intrigued by Kodak's lower ink costs, and Kodak's cameras seem to have nicer optics at lower prices than more well known brands.

I have been a lifelong film, video, camera guy and editor who has won a regional emmy award, plus dozens of film festival awards for earlier works shot on super-8 film. However, when I visit Kodak's website, I am absolutely lost as to how to proceed.

Not only would I add a key komponent to Kodak's online store, I would Target Target and see if they would be interested in placing a "Kodak Kiosk" in all of their stores. The Kodak Kiosk's would be the equivalent of Apple and their "genius bar".

The person at the Kodak Kiosk would be a lifelong Kodak fan who has actually used kodak film products from the 80's and 90's and who now uses kodak digital products. Yes, Kodak could actually put 30, 40 and 50 somethings back to work selling the Kodak brand.

On Kodak's website, I would put a human being by each camera, and that human being would explain why they use that particular kodak camera.

"Hi, I'm Greg Viewfinder, I love the Kodak digital still camera model number xyz because I shoot a lot of my own family events and it gives me the flexibility of staying back out of the way and zooming in while retaining excellent optical clarity....

There would also be a link that showcases Greg Viewfinder's background featuring his use of Kodak products over the past 30 years.


Hi, I'm Steve Kodachrome and Kodak's digital still camera model xyz is so compact I can carry it in my pocket.  The kodak kompact camera has an optical 5-1 zoom and is 50 dollars cheaper than other more well known brands.

There would also be a link for Steve Kodachrome as well.

I would also have a person briefly and succintly explain their printers as well. For Instance... "If you have invested in Epson printers, specifically because they print on dvd's, you may have grown tired of spending close to 60 dollars for a new six pack of inks when a Kodak printer can do the exact same thing and Kodak inks will cost half as much".... and so on.

I am amazed that Kodak has not yet reached out to their millions of fans and tributed those who still believe in Kodak and could help Kodak sell their products either on Kodak's website, or person to person in Target Stores across the country to the millions of consumers who still think fondly of the Kodak brand.

Incidentally, Target is welcoming small Apple Kiosks into their stores. 

Come on Kodak, don't just disappear into the night. I'm a lifelong Kodak fan and user of your products, and I am confused by your website, and won't go into a Target Store and deal with un kodak friendly Target employee selling your cameras, but I would happily purchase a Kodak camera from a knowledgeable Kodak Kiosk employee.

What could really make the Kodak kiosk program take off would be invite all the film to video transfer companies to put time in at the Kodak Kiosks, and yes, they can refer Kodak customers to their own businesses, providing they are doing a decent enough job selling current Kodak products as well.

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