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AlexLOGIC's Best, Worst Commercial Awards of 2011.

AlexLOGIC's Best, Worst Commercial Awards of 2011.

Worst / Most Annoying Commercial of 2011, Totino's Pizza Rolls, "Kids in America". But be easy on the kids, they had NOTHING to work with in this commercial.

Most Misguided Commercial of 2011, Clorox's "Do it, Do it"Mom encouraging her kid to slide headfirst down a hill like Superman, really?

Cutest Commercial of 2011, Suzie's Lemonade Stand, Small Business commercial for Verizon. Finishes in a tie for second place for best commercial of the year with AT & T's Romantic Dinner.
Uh oh, AlexLOGIC has just viewed a cuter commercial than Suzie. The late entry cutest commercial of 2011 is called "Honesty", and it is put out by Suzie gets Runner up for Cutest Commercial of 2011 along with tie for second place for best commercial of 2011.
I'm afraid to tell Suzie, you do it for me.

Sounds Too Good to be True Commercial of 2011, Hyundai AssuranceJeff Bridges does a bang up voiceover job, but does a second time buyer get as much of a discount on their second car purchase as a first time buyer does?

Bad Timing Commercial of 2011, Honda Zombie. Everybody knows that nuclear meltdowns cause Zombies to emerge among the melted fuel rods, but should a Japanese car manufacturer be advertising zombies when they have just suffered a massive nuclear meltdown?

Best Use of Zombies in an otherwise marginal commercial. Toshiba, the Ramifications of Yes. Amazingly uneven commercial, The very beginning and very end of the is commercial is amateurishly done, the rest is very effective. It's like two different entities worked on the same commercial, Zombies probably saved the day, for once.

Back to the Future, but not as Believable commercial of 2011, Audi Pre-Owned. The two Audi Commercials deceptively imply that the Pre-Owned owner is able to go back to the future to remind the original Audi Owner to take care of the car.  A clever commercial because one can easily be fooled by an impossible premise, but AlexLOGIC does not believe in selling sizzle where there is no veggie burger.

Best / Funniest Commercial of 2011, AT&T Ski Lift commercial is basically perfect. Perfect acting, sound, direction, writing, and editing/pacing.  Possibly the only flaw with this commercial is that it was so good it was over played.

Best / Funniest Commercial of 2011, 3 way 2nd place tie, Suzie's Lemonade Stand, Small Business commercial for Verizon and AT & T's Romantic Dinner, and State Farm's "Nostalgia" video starring "Hank" and his nostalgic, almost grieving wife. 

"Romantic Dinner" has all the qualities found in the AT & T "Ski Lift" commercial, really a coin flip between the two and came down to it being harder to film the ski lift commercial on location versus filming in a comfy restaurant setting.
When a company (AT&T) leads in bad customer service, making the very best commercials is even more important... um, I guess?
State Farm's Nostalgia might actually be the best commercial of the year, however because it came out so late in 2011 it's hard for me to be sure if I really like it more than AT&T's Ski Lift Commercial. It should be noted that 3 of the 4 best commercials were basic dialogue commercials with no special effects.
Soft Porn Commercial of 2011, it's a tie! Old Navy "Just Jiggle it"  and T-Mobile " Forgy Wonderland. Either commercial could very well be the opening to a softporn movie.

This is not your Parent's Insurance Company, State Farm Insurance for it's variety of commercials all designed to make insurance fun and cool. Just how much extra are all of these fun commercials costing the customer?

High Speed High Heel Running Scares and Creeps People out Commercial, Target 2-day Sale, She's baaack!  Dozens upon Dozens of google search hits using the phrase, Creepy Target Lady and Scary Target Lady pretty much seals the deal.

Biggest Sellout Award. Capital One "50% more Cash" with Jimmy Fallon. I liked Jimmy Fallon, not so much after this commercial. Not even going to link to it for now.

Repetitive / Obnoxious / turn the channel everytime it comes on commercial of 2011, Big Big Big Smart Car commercial. Does not bear repeating, but this was the one commercial where I automatically changed the channel everytime it came on the air. When a commercial resorts to repeating any word over and over, it's crossed a line in my opinion, and this is one instance where a commercial being remembered is not a good thing.

Most Pretentious Commercial of 2011, Fiat "My World" starring Jennifer Lopez. I am a huge Jennifer Lopez fan, but the voice over in this commercial desperately needs a minor, yet major rewrite.

Most Pretentious Commercial of 2011, Runner up. Samsung The Way We're Wired.  Would have been the winner but Lopez is such a huge star that that tipped the award to Fiat's "My World", how pretentious of me!

Best Single Camera Angle, no Editing Commercial of 2011. K-fee.

That's AlexLOGIC's Best, Worst Commercial Awards list for 2011. Don't forget, AlexLOGIC is available for commercials consulting BEFORE you make your commercial, or after its been edited.

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