Friday, December 16, 2011

State Farm breaks the Geek Barrier and the "This is not your parent's insurance company barrier" with their 2011 commercials.

It must be fun to be an insurance company with advertising dollars to spend. State Farm Commercials in 2011 seem to be all over the map, the map of.... fun.

Be it Jerry Newman who seems to magically bend his car around telephone poles like Kreskin used to bend forks, 

space aliens that don't like the neighbor, (but let the neighbor live to tell about it),

the state farm magic swami (if you can dream it, you can flee it), 

or, you can do that on television, but not in real life (late 2010)

and lets not forget Aaron Rogers, aka Mr. Discount Double Check, 
and one of the best commercials of the year, Nostalgia.
It seems as if State Farm is trying to keep their advertising agency so busy that the agency can't court any other customers.

So if there is to be an "I'm too cool to be a geek or your dad's insurance company" award, I would give the award to State Farm Insurance.

Now, if State Farm hired me as a commercials consultant, I'd give them an idea that is so beyond all of these commercials that State Farm executives would hit themselves in the forehead (but not too hard) and wonder why they didn't think of the idea first.

Of course the answer would be, you can't have "AlexLOGIC", you can only hire one.

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