Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Toshiba, the Ramifications of yes, or "how I learned to drop my computer and cause zombies to appear."

And God said, "Let there be humans" as he dropped his Toshiba Satellite laptop. Seven days later little zombie humanoids came forth, or something like that.
If only God had waited for the impact smart hard drive, if only.

Technically speaking, I feel this Toshiba commercial falls short in a couple key areas. First, we see the technician drop the laptop, but nothing really "breaks", like the screen maybe flashing on and off, nor do we "hear" the sound of a hard drive going wonky.

The final shot is not really what I would call a "beauty shot", nor is it reinforced with a "winning" impact smart hard drive sound effect either.

One final thing, I don't like to pick on actors in commercials, but the one lady in the commercial seems to have the giggles. I think they should have cut away visually by at least a second or two earlier from the opening scene while we still hear them talking, and given more screen time to the actual dropping of the lap top and how that causes the power outages to occur. This would be called a "voiceover". (yes, you can giggle if you like).

As much as I enjoy the overall zaniness of this commercial, I feel the editing and sound could have been more fully constructed in both the front and back of the commercial, and the final "hero shot" of the product should have felt zestier, more alive. The final shot of the laptop now has an Impact smart hard drive inside, and we should all feel the betterness caused by that innovation.

Just how much trust can I put into the designer of a product who thinks spoiled milk creates zombies?

Everybody knows that spoiled milk creates werewolves, not zombies.

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