Thursday, December 1, 2011

Samsung's Galaxy S II commercial, The Way We're Wired, not as good as it sounds.

Samsung Galaxy S II commercial, The Way We're Wired, seems to have a tone to it that is similar to the Nike Commercial from the Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt movie, What Women Want.

Beyond that, I found the Samsung Galaxy S II commercial highly pretentious specifically because it seems like it is an inspirational commercial, when it is really an important sounding commercial that fooled Samsung into using the wrong visuals. 

Video editors usually strive to match visuals to the soundtrack, sometimes video editors will try and create an opposite effect, in which the visuals and soundtrack clash with each other. In this instance, I would have gone for a third option.

I believe if I had been a consultant on this commercial I would have been able to get them to see that the glittery words were forcing them to choose the wrong visuals. The voice over could stay as is, but the voiceover, in this instance, should not be used to determine the visuals. 

Let's just say that the Way We're Wired could be easily spoofed and leave it at that.

My question to Samsung is a simple one,
....did your employees who worked on the Samsung Galaxy S II visualize their greatness as being Cell Phone designers when they were dreaming of their own personal greatness and success? 

If your answer is yes, that your employees dreamed of being  scientists and researchers, then why is your video full of images of people jumping around trying to be physically great?

If your answer is no, that your employees dreamed of being famous and instead "settled" for second place by working for your company, then may I ask, why would I want to buy a phone from your company and your second place settling workers?
Philosophically speaking, if a company makes a commercial that gives the appearance of being a powerful, message driven commercial, when it has actually fallen well short of what it could have been, is that still considered a successful commercial?

Welcome to second place.

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