Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2011 Toyota Venza Commercial - Social Network commercial, Older People RULE!

What's not to like about the Toyota Venza Social Network commercial? This actress spectacularly nails this well written part. 

While this commercial "makes fun" of the younger crowd, it does make one wonder how NBC can do the opposite and value the younger crowd so much more than those over the age of 49.

Do the ratings people really believe that it takes a total of 8 mothers and/or fathers over the age of 49 to equal one of her in terms of audience advertising value?

According to NBC and their cancellation of their NUMBER ONE RATED SHOW, Harry's Law, the answer is yes, it takes a total of 8 mothers and/or fathers over the age of 49 to equal one of her.

NBC's number one rated show, Harry's Law, is canceled even though it attracted 3.5 to 4.4 million more viewers than MANY other shows that NBC renewed!


If you want to fight back, join the facebook age related protest groups that are starting to spring up, click  here for an example.         

Here is another example.

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