Friday, July 20, 2012

Maybe its time to create another Emmy Acting Category for Actors who don't use guns or have life threatening violence within their roles.

(Edit note, this article was written 12 hours before the tragic massacre at the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre during the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises).

Lets face acting "reality", the most coveted acting roles involve being a violent law breaker who got a bad break in life, or being a character within a group of law breakers who got a bad break in life but is actually at times a decent person.

But then there are the Scott Bakula, Ray Romano, and Andre Braugher roles in Men of a Certain Age that are more than comedy, and way less about exporting their own misery onto others. I just don't see an acting category for shows like Men of a Certain Age in the Emmy Awards anymore.

Amazingly, Braugher broke through for an Emmy Nomination in 2011, but the final 6 episodes of Men of a Certain Age that were eligible for 2012 were the best of their best, and MOACA was skunked this year for any EMMY award nominations, and I find that unbelievable.

But then again, NBC cancelled it's MOST POPULAR SHOW, Harry's Law, because too many older people were watching it, so maybe I should not be surprised.

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