Thursday, June 24, 2010

Popular Commercials such as Credit Report dot com and Baskin Robbins Birthday Song Commercial replace their popular music, and fail.

I don't know why Baskin Robbins changed their zany Birthday Cake commercial song, but in my opinion the new Baskin Robbins version is a complete musical failure when compared to the original Baskin Robbins Birthday music song and commercial.

I don't know why the band that does the Credit Report dot com music has been replaced either. Are both musicians trying to shake down the commercials for more money? Is the ad agency and the company itself deluding themselves into thinking their prior music is easily replaceable?

Can't they all just get along? Times are tough economically. Are the presumably starving musicians involved really shaking down the ad agency and the advertiser for too much money, really? Who can put a price on a memorable commercial because of the music? When is replacing the same memorable music versus trying a weak knock off a good idea?

There are a handful of good commercial's music pieces that I can recall such as "Subaru saved my life", The Toyota Lexus commercials, Baskin Robbins Birthday commercial, Kia Sorento, Hometown Buffet "What did you get", and Credit Report dot com. People actually enjoy these music tracks, making the commercials that much more memorable and these commercials are probably not channel surfed when they come on.

Credit Report dot com was probably slipping a bit with their new musical pieces, but using the same group helped keep the continuity of the commercials going strong.

So the question becomes, why has Baskin Robbins and Credit Report dot com dropped their popular music scores? lol, I wonder what they got for $9.99

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