Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Do the Networks purposely pit their scripted shows against each other so they can cancel them?

Yes, it is a rhetorical question, Do the networks purposely pit their scripted shows against each they can cancel them.

I was shocked to discover how few 18-49 year old's watch The Good Wife.  But then I recalled that all the channels are putting their best scripted shows up against the other network's best scripted shows.

Parenthood vs Elementary,  Person of Interest vs Chicago Fire, Revolution vs The Middle. The Good Wife must have destroyed Donald Trumps reality TV show The Apprentice because I haven't seen any promo's for The Apprentice this past January, thus providing some proof that the networks are afraid to ruin each other's reality tv fare if the ruining is done by a higher cost scripted show.

I think many scripted shows that are on the bubble for renewal would destroy reality tv programming from other channels if they were scheduled opposite such programming. It seems to me that there is a quid pro quo to not put solid scripted fare against reality tv shows whenever possible.

I think the networks are protecting their reality TV shows because they are cheaper to produce and get higher ratings among the younger people, and they protect those shows by making sure their best scripted shows go head to head with other scripted shows from other networks.

The strategy of scripted vs scripted so the reality tv shows get a free ride strategy is mind bogglingly stupid. As more and more networks such as ME-TV, Antenna TV and Cozi TV come online broadcasting older television shows, I think it is pretty safe to say that quality scripted fare from today will win out over reality TV shows from today over the long haul.

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