Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Revisiting The Emperor's New Clothes.

First the crowd has been oogling and ahhing the emperors "new clothes," then a kid points out that the emperor is not wearing any clothes at all. Isn't the real ending to this story the one in which the kid is declared a witch by all in attendance, beaten, and burned to a crisp?

What world do you know where the adults appreciate being outed as fools by a child? 

One of my fears about my and my idea for reducing the income disparity between the rich elite and the rest of the planet is that the ideas are so simple and somewhat obvious those who SHOULD have ALREADY suggested them won't because they either didn't think of the ideas or were too afraid to try to get the ideas approved by the public.

Who would really support my ideas after never offering similar solutions themselves over the last 10 years when these two ideas should have already been implemented. Well its a big planet, not everyone has to like the ideas for them to be implemented, or to work.

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