Sunday, March 12, 2017

How World War III really started, and ended rather quickly.

Scene one:  A Drone takes off at noon from a remote desert location. The solar powered Drone with battery back-up flies into the sky like a lone eagle in flight. As the Drone flies higher the suns rays lock in and the thinner atmosphere is compensated for by stronger and stronger suns rays. As the Drone continues to parachute upward, its GPS tracking finds its intended target, a satellite. The Drone's job is rather simple, get in front of the satellite and let the Satellite hit it, at which point a light weight explosive is set off, disabling the satellite and setting it off course and tumbling back to earth.

Suddenly dozens more drones appear in the stars, each one heading for a satellite. In less than a days time, 3/4's of the orbiting satellites have been hit. Suspicion arouses when one particular country's satellites are all still working fine. Just the final coup de grace in the perfect plot to set the world on fire. Desperate nations decide to "level the sky" by attacking the one country that still has all of its satellites working.

Meanwhile, The president of the United State cackles on top of the newly christened Gerald Ford Navy Ship that he will make the U.S. military great again.

A network of drones gathers high in the sky all over the world setting up a Drone Solar Powered Satellite Network. Desperate countries agree to pay a huge ransom for Drone Solar Powered Satellite Network access so that their economies can keep running. The Drone Solar Powered Satellite network quickly absorbs all of the software secrets and intel from each country while also collecting a nice ransom for access to their satellite system.

Meanwhile The President of the United States breaks a champagne bottle on the just completed two trillion dollar wall.

The Self Learning Solar Powered Sattelite Drones are on their own mission. Not only have they made their creators rich beyond their wildest dreams, they now begin to program the world's newly created cadre's of robots that can stand and walk and run, and that can pulverize any mere mortal with their powerful grip.

Meanwhile The President of the United States is tweeting about being wiretapped before he was president, possibly being wiretapped because he refused to divulge his own income tax returns and possibly because he could have funded his entire presidential election with income tax evasion money.

End of Scene 1.

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