Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Heroism Vs Humanity.

I just watched Good Morning America's segment regarding the tragic loss of one life on board the Southwest Airlines 1380 flight out of New York. The flight was headed towards Dallas but made an emergency landing in Philadelphia because an engine literally blew up while in the air.

As I watched the Good Morning America segment I was suddenly struck by the Heroism vs Humanity struggle our planet seems to be stuck in. The first person interviewed seemed to smile a lot while recounting the heroism that took place on the plane immediately after the Engine blew apart which was then followed by one of the windows breaking apart. 

My mind immediately went to Donald Trump's comment about John McCain being a P.O.W., I don't recall the exact comment but it was something about "I like soldiers who aren't captured". As boorish as that comment may sound, I think the point Trump was making was that everyone was honoring John McCain, Presidential Candidate at that time, for being a prisoner of war survivor. In this instance, the interviewed person was talking about the heroism involved in the actions taken immediately after the two explosions on Flight 1380. Except that the victim died. So, it's still a heroic act, but with a sad ending. 

I don't blame the interviewee for smiling, maybe that is how they are coping with the sadness over the loss of life. Maybe they were just nervous. They didn't ask to be put in that situation in the first place so there is no point in making a big deal out it. But the Good Morning America segment did remind me of the often ignored battle between Heroism vs Humanity, and that Trump is probably one of the biggest supporters when it comes to Heroism over Humanity, or Heroism as a means to thwart those who are against Humanity. 

I feel like everywhere I turn we are being dealt the Heroism card and that the only time we see humanity is if it is glorify Heroism. I thought Humanity trumped Heroism, not the other way around.

I can personally recount a small sample size of the same people who normally probably do heroic things on a daily basis in the E.R., discarding my 91 year old mother without treating her wheezing, a temporary condition brought on by a cold she had that had gotten worse.  

By the time I had pleaded and begged for anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour in the E.R. for someone to examine my mother's wheezing while she was still in her E.R. bed, not one nurse would go up to my mother to acknowledge her wheezing. Not one chest x-ray was done.

After my quixotic nightmare in which nothing I said mattered to the nurses who had gathered in the ER room after I had videotaped the non treatment of my mother and a Code Gray being called. A security guard ripped the small camera from my hand and erased my video, "because it was a H.I.P.A.A. violation". We were then forcibly removed from the ER by that same Security Guard who ironically was a former veteran.

My mother died in my arms three days later, at home, when she should have been in a hospital being treated for her wheezing, and I am inconsolable. Would you have refused to treat this beautiful, inspiring 91 year old women if she had been wheezing (which was not a normal condition) and was in your E.R.?

Apparently some have forgotten that the biggest part of Heroism is their Humanity, not the other way around.  Attorneys seem to have forgotten how to fight for those who truly live a life of integrity and are entitled to their MediCare Benefits no matter how old they. My mother did not deserve to die simply because a small rogue group of E.R. nurses lost their way, and their humanity. 

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