Saturday, February 23, 2019

Jussie Smollett Proves that White Privilege and White Entitlement is Alive and Well in Hollywood.

Charlie Sheen was paid more money for ONE half hour episode of Anger Management than Jussie Smollett received in total for the first 54 ONE HOUR Empire episodes he co starred in on Empire! Sure Charlie Sheen is a major talent with decades of experience and Sheen should get more, but 54 times as much? 

It's not as if Sheen did drugs, destroyed Hotel Suites, ran with Prostitutes and even acquired HIV and possibly passed it on, oh wait, yes he did. And there is your White Entitlement / White Privilege on display. I say this as one who disdains the mere mention of White Privilege and White Entitlement, as one who believes that few people can maintain a career unless they have talent thereby negating the benefit of White Privilege and White Entitlement. 

Nobody is condoning the allegations against Jussie Smollett, but when did an Actor freaking out over being the LOWEST PAID ACTOR from all Prime Time Television shows, aka Financial Abuse, not become a topic of discussion? Empire is an Hour Long show that has lead Fox Television in ratings for years. Charlie Sheen's show was also on Fox Television, and was only 1/2 hour. Isn't Fox the Channel that had trouble with several of their male Executives behaving badly? 

Instead of the Progressive Media considering that Jussie Smollett was Financially abused by Fox, the Progressive Media has decided to eat their own. Smollett probably got a small raise after each season, but because he started at such a low initial amount of 20,000 per episode, according to Huffington Post Smollett was only at 65,000 per episode for season number four. Smollett should have started at 30,000, not 20,000, and quickly worked his way year by year to at least 100,000 by year four. I am estimating that Smollett has been underpaid by between 1 to 2.5 million dollars overall by Empire and Fox. Charlie Sheen is also interested in another comeback.

The hurt Smollett feels, the hurt he showed when he was interviewed by Robin Roberts of Good Morning America was genuine, it radiated from the hurt he felt at being paid so little for being a co star of a number one show. Drug using, Prostitute cohabiting, Hotel Trashing, HIV Positive Sharing Charlie Sheen was paid 2 million dollars per ONE HALF HOUR EPISODE on Fox, Jussie Smollett was paid 20,000 per ONE HOUR EPISODE on Fox for a show that had superior ratings to Sheen's show. This is the epitome of White Privilege and White Entitlement. 

Let's hope that someone in Hollywood has the backbone to end the hostility towards Smollett and redirect it toward's the discriminatory pay scale that Smollett was exposed to and that affected him emotionally and mentally. It's time to open up an investigation against Fox Television's contracting practices.

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