Thursday, August 25, 2022

Supreme Court 2022 Abortion Ruling falls short.

If I could ask the Supreme Court Justices one question regarding their Abortion ruling, it would be how did they become so focused on Federal versus State rights rulings to the point they never considered ruling that would have encourage every State to consider allowing Individual counties within each State to decide if Abortion should be legal, or not, with each County?

If a reader reacts in a knee jerk fashion to the above concept, than perhaps the reader has become so brainwashed and accustomed to Federal vs States rights they have missed the trees within the forest.

If the popular vote for or against Abortion is within a narrow plurality of a few percentage points in either direction, then no matter how the State rules, they are using a minimal majority to force a stark philosophy on the rest of the State's population.

However, if each and every county could decide if they preferred to legalize or not legalize Abortion, then each State would have the ideal scenario. Certain parts of the State would be against Abortion, and other parts would be for Abortion, and that would most closely represent the will of the people.

Unlike the highly politicized demand that the popular vote be used to determine Presidential elections, using the popular vote of individual counties to decide Abortion policy within each county would give residents of every State reasonable options to both flex and enforce their beliefs about Abortion pro or con, while not imposing their will on others.



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