Saturday, November 7, 2009

Caught between the Corporate Shenanigans of Chase Bank, APPLE and Canon Cameras, feeling like a fool.

So I decided to write a book about Chase Bank and the way they handled their low interest rate credit card loan deals with over a million of their never late paying customers. The book idea has since expanded to cover additional areas regarding Chase Bank shenanigans.

Then along comes APPLE and Canon Camera. Even as I sit here writing this article Nov. 7th, 2009, both APPLE and Canon are selling products to consumers in Costco's and elsewhere that don't work with each others software.

In the middle of September of 2009 I decided to upgrade my Apple computer to snow leopard. The result was my canon camera would no longer upload photos to the Canon Image Browser program that I was using.

While I contemplated trying to work around this huge obstacle, I determined that because my book would also have a lot of photos in it, and that the photos were going to be interwoven with the text, I could no longer write the book the way that I know would be the most effective way.

Cannon and Costco have communicated with me that they are both concerned about this known problem and are working to fix it. Apple meanwhile enjoys healthy stock gains and an arrogant swagger that is rivaling the one that Microsoft has been known to carry in the past.

I don't think what Apple did was ethical. Releasing a new platform that will NOT WORK with existing software and hardware that worked perfectly on Tiger is not a good business practice, and they should be fined for not putting forth a better effort to work with Canon Camera and getting this matter resolved.

I have been shut down for six weeks, however the problem existed from the moment Snow Leopard was launched, so we are basically talking at least 9 WEEKS, going on ten, in which Apple Computer rendered canon cameras and Canon's own proprietary software called Image Browser, worthless on the Snow Leopard platform.

I know that canon cameras can upload to i-Photo, but isn't this the EXACT SAME THING that Microsoft was known to do to eliminate competition? New releases only worked on their platform with their own software. I hate to see Apple go down the same path microsoft went down in the past and hope they issue a public apology. To be clear, I WANT TO CHOOSE WHICH SOFTWARE I USE WHEN IT COMES TO PROCESSING MY PHOTOS ON MY COMPUTER, I DON'T WANT THE CHOICE TAKEN AWAY BY APPLE.

So to recap, I am trying to write a book about Chase Bank, bought products from both Canon and Apple so I could write my book, but the canon camera and software is incompatible with Apple's Snow Leopard operating system. Looks like the corporations win again.

Apple has basically screwed me out of me keeping my word on a release date for my book, and what hurts even more is this has happened as a direct result of me paying APPLE and their affiliate stores around 600 dollars in upgrades to my computer.

One other thing I should mention. You can't just change the way you import photos when you've already been using one system for over a year. Each software system uses a different method for inputing, and as any person who has had a career editing media knows, content management is critical to being able to find images and that has been stolen from me.

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cukes said...

Alessandro, I appreciate the issue with Canon and Apple AND I think it is a distraction from your book about a Chase Bank President sitting down somewhere and consciously deciding to "take advantage" of 1 million of his best customers, because he COULD.


Alessandro Machi said...

The point is I CANNOT FINISH the book because the book incorporates photos. Having 15 years experience in editing, there are certain editing rules that I have learned and this really messes me up.