Friday, January 29, 2010

Humane Society of the United States 24th Genesis Awards to be held March 20th, 2010



The Genesis Awards is one of the coolest Los Angeles Awards show ever. Not only does the Genesis Awards honor the media for spotlighting positive animal stories or exposing animal cruelty, many celebrities involve themselves as award presenters at the Genesis Awards. It's like the Academy Awards, only for animals. If you love animals you may want to consider attending, space permitting. Click here to learn more.

A basic ticket costs around 350 bucks and you get an entire evening of hobnobbing for animals, Hollywood style. Your evening could include seeing your favorite Hollywood celebrity presenting an award, a silent auction, a vegan meal, and amazingly enough, an actual awards show being filmed for broadcast on Television after you dine! There's even an after awards party as well.

I learned of the Genesis Award over 10 years ago via Nora Fraiser, and together we created a demo tape for the Genesis Awards back.

I also was involved in several other Genesis Awards projects including remastering Genesis Awards Founder Gretchen Wyler's demo reel and adding her acting segments to it (Gretchen's guest starring role on Friends as a grieving widow entertaining the bereaved guests was worthy of a guest star Emmy nomination), creating the DVD for the 19th Genesis Awards, the Genesis Awards Red Carpet DVD, and remastering archival video footage from the first 19 shows inclusion in a very special 20th Genesis Awards tribute.

It has been pretty amazing having a home video and editing business that over the years has allowed me to create projects for corporate giants such as Sony, the Genesis Awards / HSUS, Prudential Jon Douglass, Rodeo Reality, Glen Tonsor and Joico, In Defense of Animals, and a Harman Kardan video that apparently was shown to congress after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, to name just some of the companies I have worked with.

I've also had a chance to meet and work with Hollywood celebrities, and just as importantly, people with ideas and a passion to see those ideas to fruition.

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