Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yes, Alessandro Machi does consulting work.

If you need a regional emmy winner (who is honest enough to not drop the word "regional" when mentioning their award) and ideas person who doubles as a quality assurance person to bounce ideas off of regarding your concept, or help make your already good idea even better, I'm your man.

I have a super bowl consulting site you can check out if you want examples of what I think are good commericals, bad commercials, clever, and on down the line.

You can also check out the commercial solutions page to see some of my solutions to what I think were commercials that could have been more.

You can also check out the What I do for you page to learn more.

If you would like to inquire about my media consulting services, I'm in Sothern California (I don't do plane travel). Besides providing coverage for your commercials script idea or already completed commercial, you can also send me a beta cam sp tape of your raw footage if you want me to create an alternative version of your commercial. I generally won't alter the sound track since usually the soundtrack is solid, or solid enough as is.

Probably my best talent is making that final suggestion that makes your product that much better. If you happen to check out other articles on this site, you will some terrific examples of suggestions I have made for a far ranging series of television shows and commercials.


The pressure for a production company or editing service to produce a media campaign that will actually play correctly over a huge spectrum of broadcasting choices sometimes can cause the actual content of the message to be compromised. Nowadays, simply getting ones project to play correctly over a broad spectrum of media venues can feel like a victory irrespective of whether or not the actual message delivers.

It was for this reason that I never bought into the latest and greatest editing technologies, I could not see compromising my ability to be creative being bogged down by technology standards that no longer adhere to any one set of technical guidlelines and standards.

I saw how much pressure there was just keeping up with all of these amazing new digital editing platform choices and formats, and I am also seeing technology advance so fast that it is either becoming a distraction to story content, message, and believability of the message, or the technology advancements are actually driving content.

I felt it better to take my 20 years of editing and production experiences and use them towards commercials consulting instead.

Many successful commericals will be about telling some kind of a story. When it is not just about the story, I believe it still needs to be about real humans creating real content. We are witnessing more and more high end, talented digital animators and content creators that must constantly be fed new work. I don't know where it will end. I do however believe that reality, with creativity mixed in, is better than the over reliance on special effects, most of the time.

I think that some special effects can make a good product better, but how does one know when the mix between a solid script and special effects is too far off? I believe I can tell when a media message has gone off target and I can help you get back on track.

If you are planning on creating or broadcasting a commercial and want an objective, outsiders point of view about your commercial, contact Alessandro Machi about his consulting services at...

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