Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Consulting Services offered by Alex LOGIC.

Isn't it interesting that when we watch super bowl commercials, there will inevitably be some commercials that either just miss the mark, or, if they had just done something a little differently, would have become a classic.

Although the ability to improve a commercial has become intuitive for me, my mindset starts with the idea that any commercial I review is going to be good. I actually prefer to appreciate good work that needs no improving, (hence my appreciation of Seinfeld,) so I don't automatically assume a commercial needs fixing. I tend to watch commercials for what they were intended to be, a short story that if executed properly will be remembered later on in a favorable light.

I also believe for a commercial to be good, it has to be truthful.

If your commercial fell short in the super bowl this year, or you are going to make one for next year, it may be wise to hedge your bet by getting outside of the box feedback. I recognize nowadays that we have millions of people who would love to do this kind of work, or believe they can do this work. What I have going for myself is years of actual client interaction discussing, strategizing, then implementing their vision, reviewing the result as it developed, and then moving forward.

I spent over 15 years problem solving video editing clients projects and it turned out to be an incredibly unique and valuable experience.

You can view samples of commercials in which I share how I would have improved them by clicking here. Once again, improving a commercial does not mean it was bad to begin with, just that it could have been even better.

I also have a technical awareness involving color correction, the pacing of the editing, and soundtrack mix levels that also has come from being solely responsible for the release of video projects by my clients. A project is never really done until it is released for others to view, and I have received valuable feedback over this final step as well.

The thumbnails on the left and right side of this article are just a sampling of the work I have been involved in. I will keep adding on thumbnails and writing articles about each one.

No matter how competent your marketing team is, the team needs to work together, so nagging doubts have to be let go, even if the doubts are valid. However, if someone outside of your sphere notices the same issues, having a consultant view your commercial could become a valuable outside the box evaluation tool.

Companies that can afford to create an ad campaign for the super bowl and beyond already have a competent team in play. There are at least two distinct routes my consulting services can travel. If your marketing team "does not care what I think" at all, they still may be curious to see if I think they took their pre-existing plan and executed that message in the finished commercial. Rather than a consultant trying to reinvent your wheel, helping to determine if you at least executed your plan is critical.

The second reason is..."Did we miss something in our commercial that could suddenly make it memorable?". I have come up with ideas that I would have loved to have bounced off of a commercial's ad agency or marketing company, it is just a natural talent I have. Keep in mind that what I am saying is I am excellent collaborator. Collaboration means I am acknowledging your wealth of talent and vision and that I may be able to offer that one unique idea to enhance your commercial.

Where I supply that input becomes another thing to consider. If my input is applied after the commercial is edited, should that idea cause a reshoot, or not? Or, should a suggestion be implemented during the animatic stage of the commercial? Or what about when the idea is a storyboard only? That is your call to make, I'll be ready no matter at what step you want my consulting services.

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